Palavras Chave de SEO para Websites Adultos

Appropriate keywords and phrases form the basis of every successful SEO campaign. After all, SEO is built around the search terms entered by billions of web users worldwide on a daily basis. They ask Google and it responds. Those at the top of the rankings are earning the lion’s share of organic traffic.

But what about adult SEO keywords? We are talking about a somewhat ‘alternative’ niche that often falls outside the confines of the typical service. How can you be sure you select the very best adult keywords?

Adult SEO Keywords: A New Perspective

Google exists solely for the purpose of providing its customers with the best possible matches for their respective search queries. Whatever they hammer in, Google responds with whatever it believes is the ideal list of websites. The best of the best ranking right at the top.

Unfortunately, competition among adult websites and service providers is exponentially more ferocious than most business owners realise. In fact, pornography alone represents one of the most popular and lucrative of all online industries. From sex shops to escort services to cam girls and so on, there are literally millions of businesses worldwide. And they are competing for the same piece of the pie!

The question is – how can you ensure you claim your own slice successfully?

If you think you are going to succeed with the most obvious and competitive adult SEO keywords, you can forget about it. Obvious examples of search terms include things like ‘online sex shop’ or ‘sex toys online’ – both of which have millions of businesses worldwide fighting over them somewhat frantically.  Common and indeed valuable they may be, there is simply far too much competition to stand any real chance of capitalising on them.

As such, it’s a good idea to approach the selection of adult SEO keywords from a new perspective. Specifically, a perspective that focuses on the specifics with more long-tail search terms and phrases. They will thus be used to create specific pages on your website. Also, they will be the main focus of your adult link building strategy.

Tap Into the Adult Niche

These days, web users on the lookout for adult products and services, in general, don’t tend to be as vague as they used to be. Whereas in years gone by a web user may have simply carried out a search for ‘online porn’, they’re now far more likely to be incredibly specific with their requirements. A search term such as ‘college webcam porn’ or ‘mature lesbian amateur porn’ representing a more probable search term.

The same also goes for general products and services. For example, rather than simply searching for ‘sex toys online’, a web user may refine this to ‘cheap sex toys online in London’ or ‘best vibrators online free delivery’. This immediately provides infinite scope for experimentation with keywords and phrases.

In the case of an escort service, clients today are unlikely to bother searching for ‘Escorts online’ or ‘Online escort services’. Instead, they’ll be looking for specific service providers in very specific regions. ‘Best online escorts in London’ or ‘safe male escorts in Madrid’ would be used to narrow things down to more refined results.

All in all, the key to success when it comes to the appropriate selection of adult SEO keywords lies in tapping into a niche. Rather than casting your net too broadly and attempting to attract everyone in the world, focus instead on more specific audiences and do your best to attract them.

Create Compelling Adult Content

It is also worth thinking about the kinds of web searches millions carry out every day that may not have anything to do with products or services directly.  Examples of which include common search terms such as “How to reach orgasm faster” or ”How to make orgasms last longer” or “How can sex toys be used to prevent erectile dysfunction” and so on. Always remember that adult audiences are not only looking for products and services – they’re also out for advice and support.

If you can provide the advice and support they need through the compelling adult content of relevance and interest, you are golden. After all, the key to success in all aspects of online business is to establish the kind of all-around portal your target audience finds genuine value in.

Selecting the very best adult SEO keywords often means taking a step back from what you are currently doing. Ask yourself what you could be doing!  Particularly if your current approach doesn’t seem to be working.

Would you like to know more about Adult SEO? Check out our dedicated niche page. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!

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