Adult Link Building

Promotion and marketing for businesses operating in the adult industry have always been uniquely complex. And so it remains today, both for online and offline, adult businesses alike. Reaching the widest possible target audience and gaining prominent exposure means investing in paid strategies such as advertising on adult ad-networks (Exoclick or JuicyAds for instance) or organic strategies as adult link building, just like any other business. But as this is an entirely unique industry, the approaches to adult link building need to be tailored accordingly.

The Value of Quality Adult Links

Flying in the face of countless doomsday projections, SEO has never been a more powerful or relevant marketing tool. In fact, as the world’s reliance on major search engines continues to grow, so too does the potential value of a strong SEO strategy and the top organic positions.

Link building (as a major ranking factor) in particular has proved to be one of the most consistently stable of all SEO tools and approaches over recent years. Nevertheless, it’s no longer possible to get away with links that are anything but outstanding. To attempt to get by with substandard links is to do your SEO strategy and promotional efforts, in general, more harm than good especially in the adult niche.

In the case of adult link building, this presents a variety of issues. Not only by way of earning backlinks in the first place, but also ensuring that every link brings your website nothing but a positive appeal in the eyes of the major search engines as well as quality referral traffic that will then convert.

A Three-Step Process

If looking to harness the power of backlinks for your adult website, there are three stages to the process that demand equal time and attention. As a relatively time-consuming and intensive process, it is typically advisable to call in the experts to handle things on your behalf.

In which case, you’ll be provided with a three-step service package that looks a little like this:

  1. Adult Site/Blog Research. Contrary to popular belief, the first thing you need to do is research and pinpoint exactly which websites you intend to appeal to. One of the biggest mistakes made by so many amateur adult SEOs is doing things in reverse. That being, to produce content off their own back and then attempt to market it to third parties. Source site research means looking into the quality, value and general popularity of the sites you intend to ask for help. If unsure how to go about the process, you’ll need to carry out additional research or hire help.
  2. Produce Quality Content. In most instances, backlinks are featured to referral traffic to a specific post or piece of content. The idea therefore being that you see what makes the source site and its audience tick, before producing outstanding quality content of superior value and relevance. The key to successful adult link building lying in producing work that the source site will want to link to (inbound marketing). You shouldn’t have to beg, borrow or buy credibility – you should instead focus on earning it.
  3. Pitch Your Ideas. The third and final step in the process is that of pitching your ideas and suggestions to the site in question. Once again, if your content and website as a whole really are as fantastic as they should be, there’s no reason why they should respond negatively. And even if they do, you should already have an extensive list of other sites to try, until something sticks.

Adult Link-Exchange

In some instances, it may be possible to reach out to other businesses within your niche to organise something of a link exchange (or triangular link exchange). As the name suggests, this basically involves positioning one of your links on their website, in return for the same on your website. Nevertheless, you still need to ensure that the site is credible enough to bring your SEO strategy value, otherwise, it isn’t worth bothering with.

Just one important note to finish with – purchasing links in large quantities with the intention to fool Google and co. is never a good idea. These are exactly the kinds of spam tactics the major search engines are designed to pick up on and you won’t get away with it in the long term as there is always a risk running this strategy.

Final Thought…

In the right hands, adult link building can be effective, efficient and potentially powerful in the extreme for the rankings and organic traffic of your adult website. Nevertheless, a haphazard approach is almost guaranteed to bring more problems than benefits.

If looking to tap into this timeless tool for Adult SEO strategy enhancement therefore, hiring help comes highly recommended.

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