Casino SEO

Casino SEO

Casino SEO

Casino SEO is destined for online betting games companies. With iGaming optimization strategies designed specifically for your brand, we will get you more visibility, backlinks, organic traffic and conversions.

Casino SEO

Do You Need Casino SEO?

We know that the iGaming sector is in fast and constant change. The technological and legislative advancements make it so that this is a niche in which it is imperative to always be up to date and ready to adapt strategies.

The iGaming and online betting games industry is comprised of casino games, poker and sports betting online. In a highly competitive market, our iGaming SEO strategies will make your brand stand out and achieve the projected goals.

Content Optimization

We have at your disposal a content creation team specialized in iGaming. We create and optimize content related to sports betting, online casinos and other sorts of online cash games. Our content is unique, of quality and user-friendly. By recurring to recommended SEO techniques, we know how to use content in your website’s advantage, so that you can achieve the best possible classification in Google’s Ranking.

Link Building for Casino

With a Link Building strategy specifically designed for your business, you will be able to improve your classification in the search engines’ rankings. In a highly competitive sector, it is crucial to be one step ahead of your competition. Through publishing Guest Posts in related websites with high authority, we manage to stimulate your site’s organic traffic.

iGaming Keywords Audit

Keywords related to online betting are the way through which many users are able to find your website. Hence, it is important that you invest in keywords that your target audience uses when they are searching for the services that your brand offers. We conduct a thorough analysis to understand what these keywords are so that you can get the most out of your business’ potential and increase organic traffic to your site.

Casino Website Optimization

The future of iGaming is expected to focus primarily on VR and Mobile devices. The biggest challenge for brands will be to structure and personalize websites in a way that replicates, for instance, a physical casino environment in a way that appeals to the digital gambler. Besides this, it is important to have other factors in account, such as the loading speed, the UX and the quality of the content and of the service itself. We know how to structure and optimize your iGaming website to offer your visitors the best possible experience.

iGaming Conferences

The iGB Affiliate Conferences (held 3x per year) is the place where all the iGaming & Casino industry are meeting up. These events give the opportunity to build on relationship, share knowledge, gain insights and help affiliates driving home with some actionable tips to help them rank on Google.

These events are attended by over 1,500 fellow affiliates, with over 4,500 total visitors, they are a great tool to meet partners old and new, in a dynamic and fast-paced environment, share good time and drinks !

You can find in the quick video below, Greg, our Head of SEO talking a bit about Google Algorithm updates, its impact on the iGaming industry and how not to get hit by a automated (or manual penalty).

Greg is also an invited keynote speaker at these events and already share some iGaming SEO tactics on different subjects. You can find additional details in our blog posts below in which you will be able to download the actual presentations!

Casino SEO means Search Engine Optimization made specifically for sites in the iGaming industry and online gambling sites such as online casinos, sports betting (eSports), roulette, online lottery, poker, etc.

To achieve success in an area as competitive as iGaming is a time consuming and challenging process. However, with the implementation of adequate strategies, a website is actually the most cost-efficient sales channel. At UniK SEO, we have a team specialized in this service that knows how to adapt the most effective strategies to your brand to achieve measurable results in your ROI.

Our iGaming SEO focused service will help your brand to:

  • Invest in the keywords that are more relevant for your business so that you can achieve better classifications on the SERPs for your websites’ pages;
  • Attract quality users for your website: by investing in the keywords that better fit your brand, we will manage to bring your target audience – the users who are truly looking for your service – to your website;
  • Increase traffic for your website, as well as getting more conversions and, consequently, boosting your ROI;
  • Optimize your website’s general performance so that it gains advantages that will allow you to surpass your competition.

In the last years, with the expansion of digital, there has been a marked growth in the iGaming industry worldwide, accompanied by a much greater adherence of users to these types of games.

According to data from, the online betting games market was worth about 46 billion dollars in 2017. Previsions indicate that it should achieve a value superior to 94 billion dollars in 2024, which represents a duplication.

This evolution is potentiated by the new technologies, such as smartphones and mobile apps, as well as by the consequent better acceptance by the gamblers, that are beginning to see increased security in this type of service.

Furthermore, in 2018, the Supreme Court of The United States announced the legalization of sports betting, allowing for many online betting companies to expand their services in this sector.

Whether you own an online cash games website or a sports betting business, iGaming SEO is the right tool to boost your brand and achieve your goals. We are familiarized with the techniques that will allow for positioning your website in the search engines’ first results page. Ask us for a Free SEO Analysis to your website and get to know how we can help you achieve results!

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