Programmatic Ads

Programmatic Ads

Programmatic Ads

Programmatic Ads are an essential in digital marketing. Any brand or company that includes this service in their marketing strategy will see results in their engagement and proven metrics. At UniK SEO we know that this additional service can boost sales and contribute to target growth.

Programmatic Ads

What are Programmatic Ads?

Programmatic ads are the process of automating the buying and selling of any ad inventory in real-time through an automated bidding system. Programmatic advertising allows brands or agencies to acquire ad impressions on publisher sites or apps through a sophisticated ecosystem.

Although Google Ads began to conquer the web advertising sector, they are not programmatic ads because they are restricted to only the Google platform’s advertising. Not only that but, in terms of metrics analysis, this type of ads allows real-time bidding and allows for up to the minute stats, while Google Ads takes 12 hours to refresh. This provides a huge advantage when testing and monitoring the effectiveness of your ads.

On that note, Programmatic Ads allows the brand or agency to a much more accurate data and improves drastically when introduced to any marketing strategy.

Our Programmatic Advertising tools

Better campaign performance

Programmatic Ads are a format of data-driven targeted advertising. Once you have organized your target-audience and the different buyer personas, you can apply programmatic in the right way and benefit from them by having your adverts reach your target audience and boosting your sales.

Real-time optimisation

Programmatic Ads are all about data analysis. One of its benefits is that you can analyse your campaigns in real time and adapt them almost automatically so you can adjust to feedback. Once you start real-time optimisation, you will notice how all the changes you can make can have a positive affect on engagement in a massive way.

Contextual campaigns

This tool will help marketers control which consumers see which ads, and when. This means that your ads will have a more successful impact and that the chance of the right consumers seeing your products/services are bigger.

Less wastage

Since you can get an easier access to the right audience when using Programmatic, there will be less waist of impressions and also less waste when it comes to the wrong audience seeing your ads.

Programmatic Ads offers a transparency layer that traditional advertising doesn’t offer. Through Programmatic Ads, you can see the exact sites your advertisements are reaching, the additional costs associated with the ad space in real-time, and the type of customer looking at your ad. With Programmatic Ads you will increase the audience reach for your website.


Although Google Display Ads are frequently used, only Programmatic Ads allow you to choose the publisher you want your ads to show up in, by negotiating directly in the DSP platform. 

Agencies give you the possibility to link small advertisers and generate volume for you to get a better negotiation, since depending on your budget you wouldn’t get access to the platform as an advertiser. With UniK SEO you can guarantee that, not only you get the opportunity to get the best price for Programmatic Ads, but also the benefits of Programmatic Ads for your website.

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