Search Engine Optimisation

SEO Services

Search Engine Optimisation Services

Our agency is highly specialized and focused on SEO Services, in order to give you strong visibility in search results. Our SEO strategies translate into a considerable increase in traffic and online exposure to your clients.

SEO Services

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Competitor Audit

In depth analysis of your direct competition to understand your current situation, the difficulty of your niche and discover opportunities when competing on keywords ranking.

On-Page SEO

We create, updated and optimize your content for them to appeal to users, potential customers AND search engines. Your website contents need to represent relevant keywords related to your industry to boost your rankings.

Link Building

The most effective way to get authority and SEO ranking integrated in your SEO strategy. We are building your outbound link profile to increase your website popularity and achieve better ranking in order to get more traffic and leads.

Technical SEO

It is an essential step of any successful SEO strategy, we make sure your website respects and follows all the technical guidelines and recommendations of search engines to be correctly referenced.

Keyword Audit

The first necessary step of any successful SEO strategy, understand the keywords your target audience uses when they are searching for your products or services.

Monthly Reports

Follow up your ROI, links, ranking and organic traffic. We are sending your a personalize monthly report including all the necessary information for you to follow up our work and achievements.

In this general meaning, SEO is a set of practices, tools and processes to naturally help a website:

  • Access higher and more sustainable position in search engines result pages (SERP).
  • Propose your website to users who use a given keyword in formulating their queries.
  • Increase the number of qualified visitors and focused on voting website.
  • Increase your conversions (sales, leads, contacts, etc.).

Ultimately, SEO allows you to increase very strongly your internet visibility. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) differs from SEA (search engine advertising) or paid search, which is to pay a search engine to appear on the top of the results pages when someone uses a specific (or set) keyword.

Our Search Engine Optimisation services include: Discovering your Target Audience, SEO Audits (Keywords and Competition), On-Page SEOLink Building (Off-Page SEO), SEO strategy and recommendations and monthly activity reports.

Nowadays, the way of doing business and growing has evolved to a point where having a presence on the Internet (website, social media, online advertising, etc.) is mandatory for any kind of company in all the sectors of activities.

Search Engine Optimisation

Since 2000, the number of websites has been growing exponentially thus increasing the global online competition. This means that it is getting more and more difficult for a website to be able to stand out from the crowd. Being on the first page of Google is becoming a strategic challenge for any firm to drive targeted traffic and potential clients to its site. This is especially true and relevant for all the exclusive e-commerce sites which are entirely depending on the digital sales (and thus traffic) from their website.


Search Engine Optimisation

This fact is even more relevant for all the online store websites. In order to increase sales online, the organic traffic is the most qualitative and converting traffic. The number of digital buyers worldwide has kept increasing since 2011 clearly showing a steady growing pattern that the e-commerce and online transaction. It is clear that buying products and services online a common and almost daily actions for a constant growing number of people. That is why, the necessity of Search Engine Optimisation services, ranking and organic traffic is more than relevant and even necessary for all the businesses selling online.

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