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SEO Services - Google Grant Management

Google Grants Management

Google Grants is ideal to achieve results for your non-profit organisation. We know it can be challenging to raise donations and volunteers, and thus we developed specific strategies to achieve these goals. We help you to increase your organic traffic, to rank results with measurable impacts on your ROI and to transmit your cause’s message in the most efficient way.

SEO Services - Google Grant Management

Do You need help with Google Grants ?

Our team is available to help you build and apply a personalized strategy that will allow you to reach your non-profit’s goals. With a customized Google Grants SEO implementation for your company, you will be able to significantly increase your cause’s visibility and to achieve a bigger volume of donations and of participants.

UniK SEO is a Google Partner specialized in several areas of Google Advertising, namely in organisations with a Google community grant. We associate with social causes because we believe we can make a difference and build a better world. We know that promoting causes and getting the audience to take action is not an easy task. Hence, we design customized strategies and we stay completely up to date in what concerns this market.

Our Google Grants services include: keywords audit, finding your target audience, competition analysis, creating backlinks (Off-Page SEO), defining a personalized SEO strategy, monthly recommendations and activity reports. We optimize your website focusing on increasing visibility, quality traffic and ranking positions in results pages.

Google Grants works with more than 20,000 non-profit organisations all over the world. It offers advertising solutions for all kinds and sizes of organisations, making their functioning easier in several ways. These are some of the advantages of a Google Community Grant:

  • You can introduce yourself to the audience that is looking for organisations such as yours
  • Google Ad Grants favour the donation raising processes, offering a simpler dynamic that increases the probability of effective donations.
  • Having control over the most efficient ads – know which ones are raising more donations and which ones attract volunteers
  • You can choose the demographic, geographic and other focus of your campaign
  • Adhering organisations receive $10,000 USD in Google Ads publicity monthly
  •  The maximum CPC for the Google Grants covered campaigns is $2 USD

To be eligible for a community grant, your organisation only needs to have a valid charity service statute, an active website with relevant content, to be in one of the eligible countries and to meet the rules of the Google Ad Grants program. To apply with your organisation, you only need to follow the Google Ad Grants’ instructions.

Our Google Grants SEO services are a complement to this tool. We know how to use Google Grants’ resources in the most efficient way in order to get the best results.


Visibility is a crucial factor for non-profit organisations. By implementing a Google Grants management strategy on your website, we favor the awareness of the right people for your cause. In consequence, reaching a higher number of interested people stimulates the donations and the volunteers, which are the energy of these organisations. Because we understand how important these results are, we work in specifically designed strategies for Google Grants SEO.

In UniK SEO, we have a team of digital marketing specialists dedicated to SEO for non-profit organisations and social causes.  We constantly update ourselves to be up to the task of making it so that your website reaches the top of the search engine results pages, sharing your message with the maximum efficiency.

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