How to Promote My Small Business Online?

In the last year alone- online business has become a fundamental of business, instead of just a clever way to promote your brand.

Here’s how to get on top, even if you’re tiny.

While internet marketing and website functionality has long been a business basic, in the year of covid lockdowns- it quickly became the only way many small businesses and local retailers saw any patrons at all.

With global marketing campaigns and multinational reach taking a backseat to local customers and convenient optimization.

What was once viewed as a way to bulk your business quickly became the only way to survive.

And chances are, yours isn’t the only small business feeling this renewed crunch to get online and get noticed.

But, online marketing is a different world. From posting a flyer or two, or just depending on word-of mouth advertising throughout your community- internet marketing comes with a plethora of options, techniques, and targeted ad experiences.

So as a small business, how do you know which campaigns to invest in, and when to save your money?

Perhaps the most useful tool for a small business looking to break out on the saturated online market is the digital marketing agency– or SEO agency.

These usually provide your business with a team of online marketing savvy individuals that know how to get you noticed in the places best suited for your small business.

Saving you time and money. The SEO services agency of today are probably just as useful as a Madison Avenue agency was in the ‘50s- but at a fraction of the cost.

Using AI, Google and analytics to get you the customers you want and the exposure you need.

Promoting With Google

Most digital marketing agency focus relies on using Google to help your business flourish in a targeted manner.

Which is no surprise as the search engine itself has become a verb. It’s rare that we’ll hear someone tell us to check out a library, or ask a friend.

Instead “Google it” has become the go to advice for just about anything: from how to treat a headache, to where to find car insurance.

Google Search Ads & Ranking

Getting your website noticed through top rankings and proliferous ads is the number one way to funnel traffic to your business, both for new customers, and those who are already brand loyal.

Top ranking sites are those that show up first anytime someone searches for something using Google.

With the right Search Engine Optimization tactics, your business has the same ability to show up for a search as any other competitor- including the big ones.

Most SEO agencies will optimize your website and any content you create to contain specific words that relate to common searches.

Which is just one way in which any business can gain relevancy online, and get themselves noticed in the community.

Google Search Ads work similarly to SEO practices, but instead of putting in the time it takes to reach those lofty heights organically, retailers can pay google to get their sites mentioned first.

Which is a great way to get the ball rolling while you’re waiting for other SEO techniques to take effect.

Especially if you take advantage of the many types of ad campaigns that Google offers– like Google video ads, shopping, and programmatic display advertising.

Google Shopping

If your small business is built on selling goods or products- Google Shopping can be a great way to get your products on your consumers radar.

As the platform allows consumers to instantly compare products and prices from a multitude of different vendors.

Google Shopping Campaign example
Google Shopping Campaign example

Working similarly to conglomerate marketplaces like Amazon and Etsy- with the ease and convenience of a Google search.

While the technology is still relatively new, being revamped and released last year, consumers have taken to the new experience quickly.

Particularly as it lets them price compare in a convenient way and all products advertised are backed by a Google guarantee.

But as you might have guessed- you’ll need a Google business account in order to qualify for product placement, and a bit of SEO strategy in order to rank appropriately.

Google Maps

Google maps is an incredible way for local brick and mortar shops and well as online retailers to reach their immediate customer base.

Allowing users to perform a quick search for anything they may need in the area.

Moreover, this free listing service doesn’t just work in the google maps app, but also integrates with the search engine itself- helping to prioritize businesses that may be local to whomever is searching for them.

In order to effectively wield the promotional power of Google Maps and location based services, you’ll need to establish and verify a Google Business Profile- which is actually pretty simple.

Once your profile has been established and verified- optimization once again becomes important.

As it can more easily tie your business to relevant searches, even to show up in the list of “nearby” businesses that are marked directly on a map of search engine results.

These top ranked results also offer the added benefit of showcasing any google reviews your business might have and linking directly to your website, showing business hours, and even offering promotions.

Google Business Profile

Google MyBusiness profile example
Google MyBusiness Profile example

In order to really get the most out of your Google Business Profile and Google Search Ads, you’ll need a great website.

While that sounds pretty obvious- a great website isn’t just one that has decent content and products- but one that really represents your brand and works well. Bring customers in, and keep them there.

A professional website is important, but so is a well optimized one. Which are sometimes difficult, if not impossible, to create using free web publishing services.

So if you’re going to spend money, spend it on creating an incredible, user friendly site. One that works well on both mobile and desktop devices.

A great business website can also function as an advertising platform for associated business– by allowing for programmatic display advertising.

Which can offer your business additional income and additional exposure through collaborative marketing campaigns.

Google Algorithm Updates: How can you keep up?

After an extremely successful event in 2018, iGB Affiliate Conference returned to Lisbon for this year’s edition of the iGaming gathering. UniK SEO participated in the event and our Business Director, Grégoire Lacan, hosted a talk about Google Algorithm Updates: All We Hear is Radio Google. In this post, we cover the main topics discussed in the presentation. At the end of the page, you may find the Complete Presentation PDF for Free Download.

Why do you really need to read this article? Truth is that managing a business through the intricacies of Google’s Algorithm Updates is not an easy task – not even for the best players in the industry. Being prepared to adapt your strategies quickly is a matter of organization, knowledge and experience. In fact, being able to follow Google’s rules up close is a crucial part of any SEO strategy and a priority for every SEO professional.

All We Hear is Radio Google: Understanding Google Algorithm Updates

Understanding Google and its algorithm updates is, without a doubt, of uttermost importance for every SEO professional – after all, it’s our job to work with Google. However, for less involved business owners or non-specialized marketers, it may seem difficult to keep up with all the updates to the algorithm that rules the web. Read on to get to know algorithm updates better and understand where your strategy should be aiming.

What is an Algorithm Update?

Even though we don’t always notice, the truth is that Google changes its ranking algorithm almost daily.

To understand algorithm updates, the first step is to understand Google itself. Even as a user-oriented entity that aims to “organize the internet”, Google still needs to make money. Updates are Google’s way of managing the internet community in order to better serve all these goals.

Algorithms help Search Engines to measure the relevance and quality of websites, allowing them to build the ranking in the search results pages in a way that privileges their purposes.

In its early years, Google only made a handful of yearly updates to its algorithm. As the digital era evolved, nowadays there are minor changes done every day – most of which are unannounced and even go unnoticed – and a few more significant updates, implemented less frequently. So, basically, now there are thousands of changes every year – 2 to 3 per day. How crazy is it to keep up with all of that?

How to be Prepared for a Google Update

However challenging the Google algorithm updates sound to you at this point, there are ways to make the best use of them, and even to use them in your advantage, surpassing your competitors.

There is no doubt that Google algorithm updates are becoming more ubiquitous. In times like these, it is key to stay white-hat, informed and reactive with your SEO, Grégoire reinforced.

In short, our speaker presented these as the main topics to pay attention to:

  • Don’t lay back and relax: no matter how good your SEO is right now, you are not safe.
  • Always invest in creating great content: As it is common to say, content is king. Always prioritize user experience, as Google considers it one of the main factors to rank your website. In fact, most updates are released having in mind the improvement of the UX.
  • Build natural backlinks, as these are key to drive quality organic traffic to your website.
  • Perform regular audits on your website. It is crucial to be aware of your website’s SEO state, especially since it can suddenly change with Google Algorithm Updates.
  • Read as much as you virtually can: It is key to be informed about SEO history, present situation and future predictions. The best advice we can give you is to pay attention to SEO blogs, newsletters, online communities and social media groups.

Download your Free PDF

As usual, we are making the PDF from Gregóire’s presentation available for free. Download it for more insight on the topics presented by our Business Manager at his talk in iGB Lisbon 2019.

In the PDF, you can find summarized information about the most impactful algorithm updates, updates regarding iGaming and, most importantly, more tips to prepare your website!

In case you have any questions, please feel free to contact UniK SEO. We would be happy to clarify your doubts.

Google Shopping Ads will Start Appearing Automatically on Google Images

The users with shopping ads will start seeing their ads appearing automatically on Google Images. This change is good news for the clients using Google Shopping Ads, as they won’t have to activate the feature manually anymore. Google announced the modification last week, through an e-mail sent to its users. The adjustments will be up by the end of March.

What changed in Google Ads?

Until now, if you wanted to place your Google Shopping Ads in Google Images, you would have to do it manually. It was necessary to activate the Search Partner Network so that the ads would appear in the image search.

This week, however, we learned that these mechanics will be changed by the end of March. From now on, shopping ads will automatically appear on Google Images.

To clarify, what will happen is that Google’s image section will not be a part of the Search Partner Network anymore – it will become part of Google’s Search Network. Hence, it won’t be necessary to activate the Search Partner Network to place your ads on Google Images. Because the images section will integrate the nuclear search network, the ads start to automatically appear in this space when the users search for relevant keywords.

What does this mean for Google Shopping Ads users?

Google Shopping Ads will automatically and mandatorily appear on Google’s image page. This is not an option and it is not possible to deactivate this feature.

As a result, Google writes in the announcement e-mail, the Google Ads of campaigns that don’t currently have the Search Partner Network activated will start appearing on Google Images. Google’s team says that this change will bring more qualified traffic to the users’ websites, as well as it will increase the traffic volume. In the e-mail, they say that it may also produce a 3 to 10% traffic increase at a lower CPC and comparable conversion rates.

What should happen, concretely, is that the traffic in the Search Partner Network decreases, since this network will no longer comprehend the image search traffic. Consequently, the image search traffic will be transferred to the Search Network, whose total traffic will experiment with an increase.

UniK SEO is officially certified in Shopping Advertising. We offer specialized services that assist Google Shopping campaigns. If you think Shopping Advertising may be an adequate strategy for your business, don’t hesitate to ask us a free SEO analysis.