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The users with shopping ads will start seeing their ads appearing automatically on Google Images. This change is good news for the clients using Google Shopping Ads, as they won’t have to activate the feature manually anymore. Google announced the modification last week, through an e-mail sent to its users. The adjustments will be up by the end of March.

What changed in Google Ads?

Until now, if you wanted to place your Google Shopping Ads in Google Images, you would have to do it manually. It was necessary to activate the Search Partner Network so that the ads would appear in the image search.

This week, however, we learned that these mechanics will be changed by the end of March. From now on, shopping ads will automatically appear on Google Images.

To clarify, what will happen is that Google’s image section will not be a part of the Search Partner Network anymore – it will become part of Google’s Search Network. Hence, it won’t be necessary to activate the Search Partner Network to place your ads on Google Images. Because the images section will integrate the nuclear search network, the ads start to automatically appear in this space when the users search for relevant keywords.

What does this mean for Google Shopping Ads users?

Google Shopping Ads will automatically and mandatorily appear on Google’s image page. This is not an option and it is not possible to deactivate this feature.

As a result, Google writes in the announcement e-mail, the Google Ads of campaigns that don’t currently have the Search Partner Network activated will start appearing on Google Images. Google’s team says that this change will bring more qualified traffic to the users’ websites, as well as it will increase the traffic volume. In the e-mail, they say that it may also produce a 3 to 10% traffic increase at a lower CPC and comparable conversion rates.

What should happen, concretely, is that the traffic in the Search Partner Network decreases, since this network will no longer comprehend the image search traffic. Consequently, the image search traffic will be transferred to the Search Network, whose total traffic will experiment with an increase.

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