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Just because recreational and medical marijuana has become a legal and accepted practice throughout the United States and Canada, it doesn’t mean that any of us automatically know where to go or how to get pot without being ripped off, disappointed, or worse. Here are eight ways to help you find a marijuana dispensary.

Finding a marijuana dispensary may not be as simple as going to the first shop you see. Because of the recent explosion in legalization, you as a consumer now have options. Which can actually be a little intimidating when you haven’t bought pot in 25 years and the last time you did, some weird guy named Steven spent 3 hours explaining to you why the purple haze was totally worth $500 an ounce, as you sat awkwardly on a couch littered in cheeto crust and reeking of patchouli.

Luckily for you, we have eight ways to get you comfortable with marijuana again. We break down what to look for, what to ask, and how to find a marijuana dispensary.

What’s my goal?

So, why are you picking up some Mary Jane in the first place? What frame of mind are you hoping to achieve? Is it a recreational thing? A medical necessity? Or just for general wellbeing? Knowing what you want from your pot can help you more easily sniff out the right pot-shop to fit your needs.

Is the atmosphere right?

To find marijuana dispensaries that suit your needs best, you first have to be comfortable in the shop itself. If something more low key, with local growers and freshly stoned budtenders, is more your style, there is an incense smoke-filled shop waiting for you. If you prefer a more modern and sleek approach, akin to a nice microbrewery, with budtenders that have their weed knowledge down to a science, that also definitely exists. Looking for something a little more medically minded? There are shops that are so clean and minimal, they give pharmacies a run for their money.

The point is, that in order to become a regular and really trust what their staff is telling you, you have to find a marijuana dispensary that makes you feel comfortable the second you step foot in the door.

Do you feel safe?

Right, so it can seem like a pretty ridiculous question, but because of the hinky legality of marijuana, it is a cash-based business that roots itself in the buying and selling of intoxicants. It’s important that whatever marijuana dispensary you choose, you know that their product is of the highest quality and that they are in a safe neighborhood, even if that means a bit of a commute.

What’s your base knowledge?

If your brand new to marijuana, or haven’t consumed it in some time, get ready to be shocked, if not a little overwhelmed, by all of the different strains, routes of administration, and technical lingo that goes along with contemporary marijuana use. Find a marijuana dispensary that offers a wide range of cannabis products. Do a little research before you go in, but expect to rely pretty heavily on the knowledge of the staff before you settle on one dispensary. Try out different products and suggestions to make sure you get a good fit.

Do you like the staff?

Budtenders should be one of your most prized resources when navigating the high seas (no pun intended) of finding a marijuana dispensary that fits your style. A well-educated staff is a great way to learn all of the new language, products, and delivery systems that are associated with the ever-growing field of cannabis. The staff should be able to easily and understandably communicate to you the best choices for your needs. If the dispensary your considering doesn’t have a staff you feel you can trust, then it’s time to look elsewhere.

What is the quality like?

There is always a discrepancy in price, no matter what good or service you’re purchasing. Make sure that just because it’s cheap (or unnecessarily expensive) it isn’t poor quality. Make sure you know what you’re paying for and why. A good marijuana dispensary will be able to tell you a little bit about how their product grows. What sort of chemicals and growing methods they use, and essentially how they come to have it in their stores. Quality can be difficult to determine just by a single purchase, so if you think you’ve found a marijuana dispensary that you like, make sure to try a few different products.

Do they carry the right variety?

Cannabis comes in all different shapes, sizes, tastes, aromas, and THC/CBD levels. Some strains will get you pumped to change the world, while others will make it easy to relax. Some can help combat chronic pain, or even help fight disease.  Knowing what frame of mind you’d like to experience can help determine what type of cannabis you’d like to buy. Make sure that you find a cannabis dispensary that carries many strains so that you can get exactly what you’re looking for, even if that changes with each visit.

How much does it cost?

And what exactly are you paying for? Knowing what your future weed dealer will cost you, and why it is cheap/expensive are two very important parts of finding the right marijuana dispensary. Is it cheap because a factory produces it and covers it with chemicals? Is it expensive because the shop owner has to cover the cost of all of that gorgeous mid-century modern decor? Shop around and find a happy medium for both price and quality. Take your time and enjoy discovering why cheap weed is cheap and the expensive stuff is, well… expensive.

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