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For obvious reasons due to its nature, adult website SEO is considered a less-explored niche than conventional SEO. Despite the fact that adult industries are booming online like never before and represent a major portion of the global Internet traffic, only a few service providers specialize in doing adult website SEO. Unfortunately, given how the adult market accounts for the highest total volume of web searches in countless territories worldwide.

Why Adult Website SEO is Important

One of the biggest mistakes many adult business owners make is that of assuming they will succeed by going it alone. They view their niche as something of an ‘alternative’ or even ‘underground’ business area, mistakenly assuming they are destined for success. In doing so, they entirely overlook the extraordinary competition they face on a global basis.

From online sex shops to escort websites to pornography portals and so on, there are literally millions of websites competing for the exact same keywords and share of the market. Moreover, research has shown that the vast majority of adult-themed online traffic is directed by the major search engines.  All of which means that if you don’t appeal to the major search engines with strategic adult SEO, you can’t expect to attract a great deal of traffic.

Across mobile and desktop alike, search engines now direct around 95% of all web traffic worldwide.

Making SEO Work for your Adult Website

So it goes without saying that SEO of your adult site is important. But given both the competition you face and the unique challenges that accompany adult websites, how can you make SEO work for your website?

The short answer – with a great deal of commitment.

Adult Keyword Research

First and foremost, you need to establish exactly what it is you want to achieve.  Are you simply looking to sell more products? Are you out to increase the number of new subscribers you attract every month? Or perhaps simply boost brand recognition on a global basis? Only when you pinpoint your primary objectives can you begin using adult SEO to accomplish them.

After this, attention can be turned to the intensive research phase of the process. Targeting the best keywords and phrases for your niche is of the utmost importance, which doesn’t necessarily mean chasing the most obvious keywords. Particularly in an age where voice search is becoming more popular than ever before, long-tail search terms hold limitless potential. If you are unsure of how to go about the keyword research process, you’ll need to hire help accordingly.

Competitor Research

The key to successful adult website SEO lies in identifying your competitors’ weaknesses and capitalizing on them. An intensive analysis is required to pinpoint key insights and opportunities for you and your business to gain a competitive edge. Adult SEO – like all types of SEO – should never be approached blindly.  Rather than making things up as you go along, you need a structured and strategic roadmap to follow from start to finish.

Only then is it possible to move onto the more technical aspects of adult SEO – both on-site and off-site. If your existing SEO strategy is either weak or absent in its entirety, it may be necessary to restructure your website, inside and out. You’ll need plenty of high-quality content, a strong backlink strategy, the ability to deliver a flawless performance for every visitor and so on. You will also need to identify your unique selling points of value, which will form the basis of your promotional efforts from start to finish.

On-going, Ever-Evolving

Last up, if you intend to both secure and maintain a position of strength, you need to approach SEO as an on-going requirement. SEO never has been and never will be a one-off duty, which upon implementation can be left to its own devices. Quite the opposite – SEO is only successful when it becomes an integral part of your everyday business operations. In fact, once your adult website is correctly optimized for the relevant keywords in your niche, you will need to get onto link building. Adult link building for your website consists of creating monthly quality links from relevant and valuable websites related to your business pointing at your adult website. The backlinks creation for your website is a key component of your success and of any adult website SEO campaign and strategy.

Irrespective of the niche your website caters to, to underestimate the competition you face represents the biggest mistake you can make. Always remember that an investment in quality SEO represents a long-term investment in the stability and prosperity of your business. If you aren’t already up to speed with the more complex and intensive aspects of adult website SEO, professional consultancy comes highly recommended.

There’s limited room at the top – why give your competitors an easy ride? Don’t hesitate to get in touch letting us know your objectives and needs of your adult website SEO.

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