“Safest” Countries for LGBTQIA Travelers

“Safest” Countries for LGBTQIA Travelers

As the global community becomes increasingly aware of LGBTQIA+ rights, the demand for safe travel destinations for LGBTQIA+ people is growing ever more important.

At UniK SEO, we have extensively researched this topic to determine which countries will be the safest for LGBTQIA+ tourists in 2024.

By examining data from the Homophobic Climate Index (HCI), the Travel Safety Index (TSI), and changes in LGBTQIA+ rights, our aim is to provide valuable insights for travelers seeking safe and inclusive travel destinations.

Our Methodology

To determine the safest countries for LGBTQIA+ travelers, we developed the LGBTQIA+ Travel Safety Index (TSI). This index combines data from three key indicators:

  • LGBTQIA+ Rights Index: This index evaluates the extent to which LGBTQIA+ individuals have equal rights compared to heterosexual and cisgender individuals. It encompasses 18 policies, including the legality of same-sex relationships, marriage, and gender reassignment.
  • Homophobic Climate Index (HCI): This index measures institutional and social homophobia based on the enforcement of legislation that criminalizes, protects, or recognizes same-sex relationships.
  • Travel Safety Index (TSI): This index compiles results from surveys, crime statistics, and legal data related to travel safety.

Each variable was given equal weight in the final calculation to avoid bias, resulting in a score out of 100. The higher the score, the greater the safety for LGBTQIA+ travelers.

Global Findings

According to our study, the safest countries for LGBTQIA+ travelers worldwide are:

  • The Netherlands: Renowned for its progressive stance on LGBTQIA+ rights, the Netherlands tops the list with a high score across all indices.
  • Malta: Known for its robust legal protections for LGBTQIA+ individuals, Malta scores highly, reflecting its inclusive policies.
  • Norway: With comprehensive LGBTQIA+ rights and a supportive social climate, Norway ranks among the safest destinations.
  • Spain: Spain’s inclusive laws and welcoming culture make it a top destination for LGBTQIA+ travelers.
  • United Kingdom: The UK’s legal protections and social acceptance contribute to its high ranking.

Regional Highlights


Surprisingly, some lesser-known countries in Africa emerged as safe havens:

  • South Africa: Leading the continent with its progressive laws and social acceptance.
  • Mozambique and Angola: Both countries have made significant strides in LGBTQIA+ rights, surpassing some more traditionally safe countries.

Asia & Oceania

New Zealand: Tops the region with high scores in all indices, offering a safe and inclusive environment.

  • Australia: Known for its vibrant LGBTQIA+ communities and strong legal protections.
  • Nepal: Notably, Nepal has shown remarkable progress in LGBTQIA+ rights, earning a spot in the top five.

The Americas

  • Uruguay: Leads the Americas with comprehensive LGBTQIA+ rights and a supportive social climate.
  • Canada: Known for its inclusivity and safety, Canada scores highly across all indices.
  • Colombia and Argentina: Both countries have significantly advanced LGBTQIA+ rights, ensuring safer travel experiences.


  • The Netherlands, Malta, Norway, Spain, and the UK: These countries consistently rank high due to their progressive laws and social acceptance.
  • Portugal: Portugal also ranks among the top destinations, driven by its touristic appeal and improved LGBTQIA+ rights.


Our UniK SEO research reveals that traditionally LGBTQIA+-friendly countries, such as the Netherlands, Malta, Norway, Spain, and the UK, remain safe destinations. However, it also highlights some unexpected regional frontrunners, such as Mozambique and Angola in Africa and Nepal in Asia.

This comprehensive analysis provides a valuable resource for LGBTQIA+ travelers seeking safe and inclusive destinations in 2024. By considering factors such as legal rights, social climate, and travel safety, our study offers a well-rounded perspective on global LGBTQIA+ travel safety.

For more information, check our full report.

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