Greg Lacan at TES - Lecture About Making the Most of Your Content Strategy for SEO

The European Summit (TES) for e-commerce and digital marketing affiliates landed in Cascais last weekend. The conference consists of a fast-paced and high energy networking event where professionals from numerous fields of the online industry can get together and soak up some insight.

While the usefulness of face to face networking can’t be understated, it’s often the incredible keynote speakers, presentations, and seminars that keep the experts coming back, year after year.

For this widely anticipated event, UniK SEO’s Business Director Grégorie Lacan hosted a lecture about content strategy for SEO and users. Hoping to not only highlight why content is so important in e-commerce but also to demystify this often confusing and sorely misused strategy.

Content creation is a massive tool for any online business. Helping to grow organic traffic, encourage brand loyalty, and of course- get that coveted top spot on a Google search. However, creating useful content is more than just throwing together some keywords and chucking your creations onto the web. Grégorie breaks down exactly how to write and create effective content for your online business. Read on for a short synopsis of his crucial presentation, or shoot to the bottom of the article for a free download of the complete PDF.

Content Strategy for SEO: Why Content Matters 

Writing content for SEO may help with your rankings, but you’ll never really connect with your customer base. While on the other hand, creating content fully focused on your customer base may gain you customer approval, but if it’s not fully optimized- who’s going to see it?

Creating content with both SEO and users in mind helps to achieve the optimum balance between user interaction and accessibility. Properly optimized content that is engaging and ideally focused has the potential to reach a wider audience and in turn, get that audience to do some of the heavy lifting for your online marketing campaign. 

Content Strategy for SEO: Creating Awesome Content 

Creating awesome content is a multi-step process, where each milestone is just as important as the last. Drop the ball in one category, and you may send the whole project crashing to the ground. Essentially, effective content creators should consider these four things:

  • Focus
  • Keywords
  • Length
  • Format

Considering things like what might interest your client, who will be reading or watching your content, and what will continue to be relevant to your brand and your customers are all key things to consider when looking to create effective content. 

Keywords can take you further when you think about what it is your customers need. Finding out the questions that your audience is asking allows you to tailor your effective content directly to their needs. Helping to hone in on your audience while simultaneously improving access to your business and your message.

The length of content has been shown to be a critical element to the content itself. Just as important as things like relevancy, audience focus, and even keywords. Creating content that is too long, or too short can have a noticeable effect on the engagement of your articles and videos.

Format really does matter. How you put an article or video together can be the difference between success and utter failure. Intros have been shown to be perhaps the most crucial element to any content, with stunning visuals and compelling themes not far behind. 

Content Strategy for SEO: Getting Your Content Seen

In order to get your content out to your audience, you’re going to need a bit of help. 

  • Social Media
  • Influencers
  • SEO
  • Frequency

Social media can be a great place to help get the word out about products and services, but going from zero to hero on these platforms isn’t so simple. Only about 1% of the 70 million posts produced each month see more than 1,000 shares.  This is why the use of influencers and backlinks is so important to your creation proliferation. 

Creating fully optimized content that is fresh and exciting is a great way to improve the interaction between clients and your products. As new industries and data are revealed, content can quickly become outmoded and irrelevant to your audience. 

Remember the ABCs of content: Always Be Creating. This is because there is definitely a link between the conversations and traffic that gets generated and how often you post new and engaging content. So once you’ve successfully created great content, follow up on it and refresh it with new information and fresh perspective. 

Download your Free PDF

As promised, here’s the full PDF used for Grégorie’s TES presentation. Available for free download! Snag deeper insight and fuller perspective through the use of this exclusive content, even if you weren’t able to make the TES Conference in Cascais.

Still left with some questions about creating awesome content? Please contact us for further information and updates! As we’re happy to keep you in the know and on top of your SEO. 

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