Content marketing strategy

When it comes to content marketing strategy it’s not all about what you do. What you don’t do could also determine whether you fail or succeed.

What should you do to make sure your content marketing strategy is succeeding?

Plan your Content Production

First and essential step for your strategy: Write down at least 52 posts you could create, so you will know if you have enough content to share with your public for an entire year. Otherwise, you could be facing the pressure to create content which could lead to poor and uninteresting posts.

Research your Keywords

Create your content on important keywords. Find out the language your public uses when searching for your product or service to correctly answer their needs. Put yourself in your costumer’s shoes. If you were looking for your type of product or service, what would you write?

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Sales Funnel

Not everyone is at the same point on the buyer’s journey when they reach your website. Create a content marketing strategy that addresses different stages and guide your audience through the buying process. This will increase your odds to find people at the perfect timing.

Think Multi-Platform

Avoid focusing on a single platform and always extract most of your content. Wrote a text? Turn it into a podcast, record a video and create an image to share everywhere. Do different and interesting things with your content.

Like we’ve said earlier, what you don’t do is also an important part of your content marketing strategy.

What are the don’ts in this scenario?

No purpose

First of all, content demands efforts and investment. Don’t create content just to increase your website’s density, don’t bore your costumers. Try to educate your public, leading through the buyer’s journey.

SEO only

Although it is a good content marketing strategy to have a lot of relevant keywords in your content, stuffing your content with chosen keywords will turn your content unreadable, exhausting and non-human. Don’t do it, unless you want to drive your audience away.

One Kind

Being on different stages means different doubts and notion about your product/service. Creating always the same content (length, voice, info) will not help you or your public to achieve your goals.

No promotion

If publishing your content is just the first step of your content marketing strategy, promoting is where you should spend most of your effort. Make sure you reach your public.

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