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So, you’ve recognized that as marijuana becomes legalized in more countries, the market increases and spots open up for your new cannabis business. Smart, but now what? Learn how cannabis SEO can get your business off the ground quickly and get you the attention your business deserves.

The widespread, and even wider spreading, legalization of cannabis throughout the US has given rise to a once in a century opportunity for startups to get into the business at the ground floor. Just like all of those people that jumped on automobile production at the turn of the last century, computer programming exploded in the 80’s, and social media guru’s reigned in the 90’s, we have countless examples of why it’s important to get into these businesses the moment the opportunity arises, and start building a brand that will hopefully one day be associated exclusively with your product.

Words like Ford, Chapstick, Kleenex, Facebook, Apple – they are all brands that have become completely synonymous with their respective products. If I say the name of the brand, you instantaneously know what product I’m talking about. This all has to do with knowing how to market your product to your audience, in a way that they easily understand. In the age of the internet, this means SEO for Cannabis business.

Cannabis SEO: What is it?

Cannabis SEO is a type of digital marketing that is tailored exclusively to fit the marijuana businesses’ needs. It works for both medical and recreational cannabis businesses. Cannabis SEO improves a business’s online presence, traffic, navigation, and even aids in improving local potential customer interest. Ultimately, the goal of Cannabis SEO is to increase conversions (lead, call, contact form, direction request – Google Maps, newsletter subscription or sale) and thus potential revenues by getting your cannabis-related website more visible online with content marketing and SEO.

Improving Online Presence

Cannabis SEO improves businesses’ online presence in many ways, but most notably in making it more directly visible to potential customers thru search engines such as Google. SEO techniques improve things like Google and other search engine rankings, getting you coveted first-page status where your website/shop/brand will be noticeable. Through the use of relevant content creation, your firm is then directly associated with topics, blogs, and other web pages that are important to your potential customer base.

Traffic and Navigation

Cannabis SEO not only improves where your website ranks among all the rest but also focuses on what gets people to choose your site. Focusing on new and exciting digital content for potential customers, easily navigable and user-friendly pages that encourage customers to share their great experiences, and in-depth analysis of direct competitors to secure your own niche in the market are all ways that an optimum SEO strategy not only improves your business but secures your brand.

Local Online Marketing

Local Cannabis SEO strategies offer your business the ability to promote itself to local customers in real time. Customers in today’s market readily search for necessary business services and goods online before just about anywhere else, so it’s important that if those customers are looking for your product, your business can be found quickly and easily. SEO drives geographically-relevant traffic directly to your site, letting them know that you’re nearby and your business provides exactly what they’re looking for. This is particularly relevant for marijuana businesses such as cannabis dispensary or local accessories resellers.

Cannabis SEO: Why does it work?

Cannabis SEO works based off of research and algorithms that clearly define what exactly it is that your potential customers are looking for. By defining what it is that each client is searching for online explicitly, SEO techniques for Cannabis tailor your digital content directly to those cannabis-related keywords. Allowing your brand and your business to become visible anytime someone is looking for a product or service that you offer. Moreover, if you are planning on having success with your cannabis-related business, you will need to attract attention and get noticed to be able to sell your products or services. As paid advertising for marijuana-related products is currently prohibited along with all the major online digital platforms (Google, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.), your only chance to be visible online where and when your customers will look for you is SEO.

Cannabis SEO: How does it differ from “normal” SEO?

Basic SEO marketing is generally integrated into a cannabis SEO strategy in ways that are right for your marijuana-related business. Where they differ is that cannabis SEO focuses everything on this very specific niche! Everything is thought to target and meet the needs of your potential customers online. Depending on the objective of your website as well as the different approaches between medial and recreational uses, Cannabis SEO is made to create and implement a unique strategy for your cannabis business!


It seems that SEO for cannabis-related businesses is the solution for online visibility of all the new (and already existent) firms that are flourishing due to the massive growth of the marijuana market in the US but also internationally.

If you are interested in knowing more about Marijuana SEO, you can check out our dedicated service page to this topic. We share our process and describe precisely this our Marijuana SEO service that was created for cannabis-related companies, brands, products or services.

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