Blockchain SEO

Blockchain is one of the most innovative and exciting technologies to come out of recent years of tech. The technology revolving blockchain can store, organize, and collate near-infinite amounts of data- and it’s changing the way the world looks at business. Innovators and visionaries are capitalizing on technology’s newest trend and with Blockchain SEO, you could be too.

What is Blockchain anyway?

Blockchain is a multisystem game changer. Make sure you can capitalize on all these up and coming opportunities with proper blockchain SEO practices.

Before explaining why blockchain SEO is so important for a business, let’s get a bit of background on what blockchain is and why it’s such an attractive business venture to so many. Essentially, Blockchains are a chain of blocks of information. It’s basically a ledger or a record off a whole bunch of somethings that lead to or describe the transactions of an event. The records of these events are secured using cryptography. Yes, exactly the same type of code that DaVinci and Dan Brown were on about. So, once each block records an event, including information that affixes it to the chain (cryptographic hash), a time stamp, and any applicable transaction data, the record is then permanent and verifiable.

So imagine a charm bracelet. The bracelet itself is the chain, both a terminus and a starting point. As whatever is logged (like- a bitcoin transaction) occurs, a charm becomes part of the bracelet. These charms would be the blocks. Little bits of virtually unmodifiable information that signify and log a specific event. Because of the cryptographic hash (something that scrambles the information on how the charm was made) that is employed to make it, each charm is really hard to change or recreate exactly. Not only that, but it shows the exact order in which events happened. So even if the information is modified, later on, the change is recorded and time-stamped. Then, they distribute it throughout the network as an add-on, not a direct edit.

Why are they useful?

Blockchains are incredibly useful ways to log and store information for a number of reasons. The most poignant is that they are mediated by the entire blockchain community. Simply put, any community has an interest in whatever event the blockchain is logging, they can access the records and in return, essentially bear witness to the event itself. Instead of just one person (an intermediary like a bank) logging and verifying a transaction, an entire community is witnessing it, cutting costly resolution time.

Practical applications of Blockchain SEO

Blockchain SEO doesn’t just promote your business, but can also expand your ability to diversify.

According to MIT, blockchain could prove useful in a number of different fields: from medicine to international business, even play a key role in the democratic system. If you sit and consider any business that requires the storage, or sharing, of sensitive information; any business that employs many people in more than one department, or with departments all over the world; a business that needs an easily verifiable system of transactions, to streamline disputes and discrepancies over time; any business that uses excel for that matter… If you sit and consider these businesses, you’ve just considered all the possible and practical applications that blockchain technology has. With this widespread viability, many business owners and retailers are looking to include blockchain technology into preexisting or new, business ventures. Blockchain SEO is the only way to stand out in such a quickly growing, and wide-reaching, market.

Changing the market

New technologies don’t just change your business but change your blockchain SEO techniques as well.

With the endless applications, decentralization, and transparency of blockchain technologies, we can expect them to permeate the farthest reaches of the business spectrum. With these newfound business strategies, also comes a cry for new marketing techniques. Blockchain SEO is an excellent way to answer that call. With blockchain SEO, businesses can bump up their online traffic and customer base. They can do this by increasing their ratings among the popular search engines. They do this by a variety of techniques. It is an excellent way to promote a business without engaging in costly, or obnoxious advertising campaigns. 

Blockchain SEO may also prove to be more than just a clever business strategy. Following the concerns regarding the (non)regulatory practices of crypto technologies, including cryptocurrencies, initial coin offerings, trading sites, and even blockchain tech itself, many of the big players in the tech world have banned ads pertaining to any of these, or related practices. Facebook, twitter, google, and now even Microsoft has all forbidden traditional ads for most things crypto. Any crypto-business that wants to stay in business will need to enlist the services of a skilled blockchain SEO team early. As the market becomes more saturated with competition, and conventional advertising campaigns are blackballed, blockchain SEO will become paramount to a business success model.

Blockchain SEO

Why Blockchain SEO

With such a multi-useful tool, make sure your business is ahead of competitors.

Blockchain and cryptocurrencies have ambiguous reviews in the media. However, it’s essential that any related business find a way to ingratiate themselves with the public. Establishing authority, reliability, and trust will be one of the biggest hurdles to business owners at the present.

The way that most consumers learn about a product, is by going straight to the internet and fiercely searching through piles of conflicting data. Studies show that even diligent searchers rarely pay any attention to information that is outside of page one on any search engine results list. Without the means for direct advertising on some of the internet’s most highly trafficked media sites, the next best thing a business can do is the structure itself so it is directly affiliated with search terms.

Creative and innovative SEOs won’t stop at the standard search, but they will also improve a businesses visibility across the spectrum of searches (news, image, academic, etc.). Quality blockchain SEO will also provide content that improves your business’s credibility. Blockchain SEO is incredibly cost-effective and far-reaching. Instead of focusing on one inclusive ad campaign, blockchain SEO caters individually to clients through multiple avenues. This gives clients the impression of exclusivity. 

Get started now

This global approach to SEO ensures a business can gain traffic that it might otherwise be unable to access. People are actively questioning blockchain and crypto-related business. There is a quantitative curiosity. Blockchain SEO is there to ensure that someone answers those questions, confidently and with ease.

Would you like to know more about Blockchain SEO? Feel free to contact us! We would be happy to help you.

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