Bitcoin SEO

So you want to become the next big thing in Bitcoin? It’s obviously a growing trend and for great reason. Bitcoin fits the information and technology age by providing less information and more technology: which is huge in light of the obscene amount of hacking scandals and identity thefts that have occurred in recent years. But in the confines of the digital market, bitcoin SEO is one of the most important cryptocurrency digital marketing strategies that you can apply to your crypto business, and the earlier, the better.

Bitcoin SEO
Bitcoin SEO is the second step in getting your business noticed. Understanding what bitcoin is will help you market your product to the right people.

Bitcoin is a burgeoning market that is not only here to stay, but making huge leaps and bounds within its professional portfolio. It’s not just for spending anymore. Cryptocurrencies themselves prove most useful secondary to their anonymity and decentralization. Two major shakeups in the wide world of finance. The anonymity is largely due to the fact that bitcoin doesn’t require personal information on either party to complete a transaction. Instead of pulling currency from your accounts, using personal information and accessing your accounts, they push currency onto the digital address of the other party, requiring little to no information on either user. Decentralization can occur because Bitcoin uses technology that houses the amazing powers of nigh incorruptible record keeping, the technology that is proving to be incredibly useful in a number of other applications as well. Cryptocurrencies can actually function to improve startups and new business formation and function. Bitcoin and the technology surrounding it seem to have farther reaching capabilities than anyone originally thought. So it makes sense to get on this widening market from the ground floor.

But, there are some things you need to know first. In a sea of other businesses, some who have been in the game since 2010, you need a solid strategy to drive traffic to your site. In the game of Internets, having a unique product or business strategy isn’t always enough.  Using proper bitcoin SEO techniques, you can give your new business a head start in the digital market.

While SEO applies to many types of businesses, Bitcoin SEO is tailored to your business specifically

SEO is an acronym for Search Engine Optimization. And it does, pretty much exactly what it says. SEO is essentially a method in which, using insanely complex mathematics and coding, people have figured out ways to best present your webpage to search engine users. Optimizing individual results based on search queries. Done properly, it also optimizes how your business website is seen and who by. Search engines like Google, use “spiders” or “crawlers” to search newly added web pages for content, keywords, and other business vital information in order to filter the results to the search engine user. This gets the user the most appropriate information for them, based on their individual terms, and this gains you, the business owner, the most appropriate traffic. Ergo, Clara, who searches for “knitting supplies” in Google isn’t going to stumble across your new bitcoin trade page, while Eric who searches for “what is bitcoin” will, thanks to bitcoin SEO. Enhancing the chance of your business gaining serious traffic and quality customers is easier than ever.

Why Bitcoin SEO is important for your business

Because Bitcoin is fully digital in nature, there are no storefronts for people to stumble across. “Going to the bank” is just accessing your wallet app, and pushing currencies around on a website. Studies have shown that people who use bitcoin are pretty loyal to their trading and marketing sites. When they find one that works, they tend to stick with it. With the recent bitcoin boom, many of these sites saw overloaded servers and downtime, creating a new demand for more reliable and innovative servers. The demand was answered tenfold. Creating a huge amount of competition within the market. Bitcoin SEO is a great way to market your particular brand, increasing the likelihood of snagging dissatisfied experts, as well as clients who are new to the industry, while avoiding the anonymity of a saturated marketplace.

With the increased publicity, widely usable technology and bitcoin being publicly traded, there is now a wealth of new customers attempting to buy into the industry. For new customers, establishing reliability and credibility in a retailer is important. Because they don’t yet have established loyalties to businesses, these customers will shop around for services that are tailored to their needs. Shopping around is now done digitally. Customers will request this information from a search engine, and what comes back first is what’s absorbed. Bitcoin SEO allows your business to cater to the customers that are looking specifically for what you’re selling. When a customer searches the internet and finds your business as a direct result of that search, they automatically gain confidence in you as a potential retailer and an authority in the marketplace. It helps them feel as if your business is “exactly what they were looking for” because, well, it is.

Search engines will collate results based on their relevance, traffic, and references from other sites (backlinks).  Search engines love high-quality content, so just figuring out keyword and throwing out backlinks everywhere doesn’t really work. This is why it’s so important for businesses to use reputable and quality SEO firms for their development. Employing a bitcoin SEO firm is necessary for bitcoin businesses for a number of reasons.

Bitcoin SEO is imperative to get your business seen

  • It’s a dynamic marketplace

On top of quality content, keyword placement, and the other popular techniques for SEO, the algorithms that code for what search engines look for change all the time. SEO firms monitor trending keywords and content constantly, as well as continually update existing information so that your business doesn’t fade from view.

  • There’s a ton  of competition

Bitcoin SEO helps your business find its way to the top of the “pile” of search results and competitors. Utilizing other techniques, they also link your business to relevant blog posts and news articles, increasing traffic and potential customer interaction. These links increase the clout your business holds and shows customers that you not only deliver, but people know it.

  • Conventional techniques don’t work

The days of preachy, in your face, advertisements are (thankfully) behind us. Consumers are now asking retailers for a more personalized experience. They want to feel that businesses are listening and responding to their individual questions and requests. Not only that, but supporting information and increased visibility from testimonials, news articles, and social media communities (Pinterest, Instagram, etc) are huge when it comes to influencing consumer decisions.

  • Customers feel catered to

Again, satisfaction and confidence come directly from your business name being associated with specific search term used by clients. Bitcoin SEO can ensure that your business is prevalent in more than one search category, ensuring that when Susan asks “What’s a bitcoin?”, Tom queries “Where do I buy Bitcoin”, and Steve says “I need the latest trends and figures involving bitcoin”, each of them comes up with a link or reference to your business, allowing you to cost-effectively cater to a wide audience with the employment of a single SEO firm.

Bitcoin SEO is an important part of any bitcoin business strategy, and that is a truth that you can take to the bank… or your digital wallet.

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