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The APPM (Associação Portuguesa dos Profissionais de Marketing, or Portuguese Association for Marketing Professionals) is an organisation that represents marketing professionals in Portugal. 

With about two hundred members, the APPM recognises the best marketers and focuses on six main areas:

  • Community: Build up a community of experts that are specialised in offline and online marketing
  • Education: Offer webinars and trainings for those who want to learn new things and keep up-to-speed with new technologies
  • Skills: Help each other to develop new skills and focus on career development
  • Career: Network with fellow marketers and share new job offers
  • Conferences: Organise conferences on topics of interest to bring the community together
  • Certification: Get certified on digital and traditional marketing with the help of the APPM.

Membership to the APPM is open to students, professionals and companies, to make sure everybody feels welcome and can get the most out of it.

This way, there is a huge diversity of profiles to enrich debates and meet new people. It is with great pleasure that UniK SEO became a member of the association this year.

We believe we can share our SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), SEA (Search Engine Advertising) and content copywriting expertise, and learn about best practices from fellow professionals. We will aim to help the community grow as well as learn new ways of working from others.

In order to give to the community as soon as possible, we are already offering a SEO Webinar on the 7th of June 2023. This will be an opportunity for our Co-Founder and Head of SEO, Greg Lacan, to share his extensive knowledge on SEO.

Greg is currently leading our team of SEO experts and helps delivering solutions that meets customer’s needs. He knows very well how Google algorithm works and he can put together customised SEO strategy for customers, based on technical SEO, on-page and link building.

Webinar How internationalising a business through SEO

The conference will be focused on how internationalising a business through SEO. In order to penetrate new markets and appear on the first results on Google, it is not enough to just translate a website.

You need to make a full keyword audit in the local language as well as think about your site structure and content optimisation. Greg will share some tips and a to-do list in order to successfully launch a business in a new market.

These are the topics that will be covered:

  • Analyse market volume and competition to select the best possible market
  • Choose the best structure for your website to target new countries
  • Develop a detailed keyword audit focused on your niche
  • Implement hreflang tags to target local languages
  • Translate and optimise content to boost your rankings.

You can subscribe to the event here: SEO Webinar “Como internacionalizar o seu negócio através do SEO”

We are looking forward to this new partnership with the APPM. We will be attending upcoming events this year and we are eager to participate to new webinars soon.

This is a great opportunity for us to get more visibility as well as for our team to skill up and network with like-minded professionals.

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