Adult Guest Posting

Guest posting is a great way of enriching your SEO backlink profile and boosting traffic through 100% organic means. You create compelling content, you get it published on third-party websites and you benefit from exposure to their existing audience.

But while it all seems pretty straightforward, adult guest posting isn’t always so simple. Writing guest posts is easy – creating outstanding and influential guest posts is something else entirely. What’s more, even if you do write solid adult guest posts, actually getting others to publish them for your benefit can be a tricky task in its own right.

One of the best ways of succeeding with adult guest posting is to outsource to a third-party SEO agency or marketing specialist. However, if you do decide to go to do it alone, the following guidelines may prove helpful:

Direct to outcomes, not home pages

First up, every guest post (also in the adult industry) should focus on funnelling people to an outcome, rather than a home page. For example, an online sex store could publish a guest post with the intention of drawing attention to a specific product or product category. Just as an escort website could use guest posting to discuss the escort scene and industry in a specific region. The problem is that when you create random posts or simply send people directly to your homepage, you could be wasting your time.

Aim for long-term value and relevance

Adult guest posting should always be approached with on-going value and relevance in mind. While it’s always tempting to get on board with the latest fads and trends, you run the risk of the quality of your posts quickly and completely diminishing. Even if the post ranks prominently for a specific keyword today, what happens when the keyword falls out of favour with the masses? Think carefully about the subject matter and the SEO elements of every guest post, prioritising long-term value over quick-fix results.

Use your own voice and tone

Using your own voice and tone in your guest posts is important for two reasons. Websites accept guest posts as a means by which to vary the voice and tone of their blogs and general content. Guest posts that look and sound the same as the rest hold little value or appeal. In addition, you need to ensure that your voice remains consistent for wider branding purposes. If you use one tone/voice in your posts and a completely different voice back at your website, you can’t expect to be taken seriously.

Write about your passions and interests

It’s impossible to succeed with guest posts in the adult industry if you attempt to write about subjects you have little to no interest in. Or worse still, subjects you don’t really understand. Web-users respond positively to the kind of content that demonstrates at least some level of knowledge of and interest in the subject in question. Attempting to ‘wing it’ with a subject that’s alien to you will only ever out you as a fraud.

Read adult guest posting guidelines carefully

Nothing irritates editors and publishers more than the submission of guest posts that clearly contravene their established posting guidelines. If it says 500 to 600 words, don’t bother submitting posts of 400 or 700 words. If high-quality imagery and/or author bios are required, make sure they’re sent. If certain subjects or terminology are disallowed, don’t think you’ll get away with them. Along with being rejected, you could also find yourself being blacklisted.

Offer something of value

Another core component of successful adult guest posting is the provision of something of value. The average web user is out to benefit nobody other than themselves. Precisely why tutorials, infographics, video clips, exclusive insights, and generally helpful content performs better than any other type of content. Rather than focusing on the informative, consider how the posts you submit could be made more helpful and practical for the reader.

Be persistent

Last but not least, it’s comparatively rare to achieve even a remotely consistent success rate, when it comes to adult guest posting. Realistically – and particularly in the early days – you can expect to receive significantly more rejections than confirmations of acceptance. Always remember that if one publisher isn’t won over by your work, there are thousands of other avenues to explore. Be as persistent and tenacious as necessary, doing whatever it takes to ensure that your best work doesn’t go to waste.

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