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Getting rapid growth on the new website of Online CV

Launched in May 2018, Online CV wanted to increase the website traffic very quickly. Their goal was to reach a thousand visits per month to be able to scale up rapidly. On top of this, they wanted to focus on two markets: Portugal and Brazil, and develop online sales for both countries at the same time. Based on this, we had to put together a SEO strategy that would give them results as fast as possible.

SEO Case Study - Online CV

The customer

Online CV already helped more than ten million people with CV creation. They are available in fifteen countries in Europe and in North America. On top of improving CV, they also offer services to create cover letters and, lastly, they also added some AI functionalities to make the whole process even quicker. Every year, they add new CV and cover letter models to stay up-to-date with jobs evolution.


When a website is fairly new (less than a year old), SEO takes more time and we might need up to twelve months to get good results. In the case of Online CV, despite this, the company wanted to increase organic traffic quickly ten months after launch. We had to find the best keywords to work on as well as find a very good content strategy to get these results as soon as possible.


The strategy we implemented encompassed the selection of the client’s keywords, the creation of quality content and the publication of articles (guest posts) in high authority websites in the areas of Human Resources and Education in Portugal and Brazil. Our copywriters are qualified to write journalistic or editorial content, for example. The proximity and communication between UniK SEO and the client played a fundamental part in this process since the on-page optimisations were executed by both parties.


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