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SEO Case Study

We have taken up the challenge by rapidly increasing the number of organic visits to the thousands. is a digital platform where people of different levels of experience can be helped by professional guides to create an effective resume and achieve their ideal job. Unik SEO began working with Online Currículo in July 2018. The challenge was to increase organic traffic as fast as possible. In this case study, you can confirm how fast organic traffic has grown from month to month with the strategy we implemented.

SEO Case Study - Online CV
SEO Case Study - Online CV


Online Currículo aimed to reach the threshold of thousands of organic visits per month as quickly as possible. It is important to mention that we are referring to a website that was about 10-months-old at the time. was released in April 2018 with the goal of reaching target audiences in both Portugal and Brazil. Thus, the biggest challenge in this project revolved around the client’s need to obtain immediate results. 

With this said, we needed to create a strategy that always had in mind the two target countries. According to the client’s feedback and requirements, as well as to the existent content in the website, the insights and the keywords search volume associated with the digital platform, we quickly built a strategy mainly focused on keywords.

The Challenge

As we mentioned earlier, the most significant challenge we encountered in working with this company resides in their necessity of fast results. 

The SEO strategy designed for the client consisted of a Content Marketing strategy derived of a vast and detailed analysis, parallel to several optimizations to the website conducted by the client.

How we helped

The strategy we implemented encompassed the selection of the client’s keywords, the creation of quality content and the publication of articles (guest posts) in high authority websites in the areas of Human Resources and Education in Portugal and Brazil. 


We work with copywriters who are specialized in creating SEO articles, making a significantly different type of content. Our copywriters are qualified to write journalistic or editorial content, for example. These are types of content in which besides the intention to transmit a message, there is an intention and goal to rank for a specific keyword that generates traffic to a website page. 


The proximity and communication between UniK SEO and the client played a fundamental part in this process since the optimizations were executed by both parties. Thus, being up to date with the changes and optimizations to the website done by the client was a crucial compromise between us and them that assured the cohesion of the adopted strategy. 


Despite the dimension of the initial challenge – rapid growth of the organic traffic -, the goal was fulfilled. As it is possible to verify in the graph presented below, besides an exponential growth of 182,7% in organic traffic between Q3 and Q4, the improvement in the quality of this evolution was also significant, with a sizeable rise in the conversion rate.


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