Website UX and SEO to generate inbound leads for ListedTech​

Website UX and SEO to generate inbound leads for ListedTech

In 2020, ListedTech had a nice portfolio of customers mainly coming from networking and word-of-mouth. But with the pandemic kicking in, this was not enough anymore to generate new leads. It was time to invest in digital marketing to reach out to new companies outside the local region of the organisation.


The customer

ListedTech is a company operating in the field of EdTech or Education Technology since 2014. Based in Canada, they offer data intelligence and market research services for the education sector. Over the years, they have leveraged data for many colleges, universities and consultants to help them understand better the world of education and target new customers. They offer valuable information through annual reports and notifications systems.


ListedTech wanted to develop an inbound lead engine online but they were not getting the results they wanted on their own. The website had some technical issues and they was too few content for search engines to rank the website on the top results. After careful analysis of their website, we recommended to focus on improving the website performance and UX (User Experience), as well as put together a SEO strategy that would include the creation of a blog.


First, we focused on the website performance. We needed to correct a few issues such as increasing overall speed (on both desktop and mobile), removing pages that were not indexed from the sitemap and creating redirections on pages with an error 404. We also improved the UX including the implementation of call-to-action buttons on all pages. Once this was taken care of, we developed a keyword audit and an on-page analysis. We also optimised the current content and created backlinks.


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