Increasing both, organic and paid traffic, for Go Shape Nutrition

Increasing both, paid and organic traffic, for Go Shape Nutrition

Our collaboration with Go Shape Nutrition began in 2022 in order to optimise the website for SEO. As the customer has a seasonal business, we also developed paid campaigns during the peak season, in spring and summer. Overall, based on these digital marketing strategies, we more than doubled the number of website impressions and revenues online also went up.

The customer

Go Shape Nutrition is a company founded in 1999 that helps athletes with their nutrition. The company offers food and sports supplements. They sell their products through an eCommerce site and a shop located in the Azores islands. They have partnerships with gyms, renowned athletes and specialty stores all over the country. Over the last few years, Go Shape Nutrition has become a well-established brand in the world of food supplements.


The number of products on Go Shape Nutrition’s website grows every year as the founder always strive to get the latest innovations available to his customers. This means the number of pages to optimise is huge and require a heavy workload. On top of this, there are a few other similar companies that are investing a lot on their digital marketing and competition to get on the top results on Google is quite heavy.


As we had a lot of pages to optimise, we prioritised category pages and most popular product pages which enabled us to focus on a limited number of pages first. In conjunction with on-page, we also developed a link building strategy to boost rankings of these pages on Google. Regarding ads, daily optimisations enabled us to get good results as well as betting on less competitive keywords.


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