Link building at the heart of Bitvavo’s success


Link building at the heart of Bitvavo's success

Back in 2019, crypto competition was as fierce as we can imagine. It was challenging for companies such as Bitvavo to showcase their value proposition and their expertise to potential new customers. Trade shows and PR articles had a limited reach, while SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) offered new opportunities.

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The customer

Bitvavo was founded in 2018 in Amsterdam with the aim to bridge the gap between traditional currencies and cryptocurrencies, as well as make digital assets accessible to everyone, no matter what their financial or technical background is. The values of the organisation are transparency, accessibility and forward-looking. Today, the exchange platform is one of the biggest, with more than 190 digital assets available and more than 1 million users.


While having a diversified offline marketing strategy, the start-up was struggling to ramp up their online channels. Launching ads on the website was not really an option as the crypto industry is very restricted, and, even options such as Programmatic do not offer a focus on conversions. The customer was therefore thinking of investing in a full SEO strategy, on top of more traditional channels such as emailing campaigns and trade shows.


As the company already had some SEO specialists internally, they had some ressources to optimise the website content and create new blog posts. They also worked on technical optimisations. Based on this, we mainly focused on link building with them. We selected websites with a high Domain Authority (DA), as well as with a minimum monthly traffic of 10,000 visits per month, to create backlinks. We would then take care of the keyword selection, copywriting, anchor text and link.


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