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SEO for a restricted industry with Adult Products India

Many websites in the adult industry have difficulties developing a SEO strategy as they are quite restricted by Google and other websites do not accept external articles from them. This was the case of Adult Products India when we started working together in March 2018. After working on a customised strategy together though, we turned the tide and online revenues grew by 80%.

SEO Case Study - adult products india

The customer

Adult Products India is one of the biggest sex toy retailers in India. Unlike competitors, they do not offer just lubes, lotions and lingerie, they also offer a wide range of sex toys and products for every sexuality. They have been in the market since 2010 and they always try to find new innovations to make sure customers find what they need. A small part of their revenues goes to charities so they can support their community.


On top of suffering from the usual restrictions from the adult industry, we also had to face a fierce competition in India. This meant we had to be creative in finding a strategy that would still increase website traffic. Moreover, the owners decided to remove half of the products from the website a few months after starting our partnership, and we had to make sure this would not impact the results.


We focused on optimizations at large scale since the website has a vast selection of products and we followed an e-Commerce SEO strategy. We also created several new pages to target the most populated cities in India. Additionally, we implemented a link building strategy focused on niche websites to build domain authority online, through press releases and guest posts. You can see some examples below:


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