Founded in September 2012 by vaping enthusiasts, JWELL has become the French market leader in less than two years.
Their ethic is simple : to look after every last detail of the vape, from design to marketing, with a view to bringing pleasure to the consumer, beginners or advanced vapers, and in a healthy way.
Their Research and Development Office designs and controls the manufacture of their exclusive models, from e-cigarettes to drippers, as well as an entire range of accessories.
Their flavor expert is passionate about taste and health matters. He develops inventive, recreational and refined flavors, and guarantees production, control and traceability of their 100% made in France e-liquids.
They have more than 250 stores network that provide set prices in France and abroad, and expand their vaping culture:
a safe pleasure, a journey through the senses, freedom.
JWELL opened its first store more than three years ago and since then more than one million customers have started using JWELL electronic cigarettes. They are now the leader in the French electronic cigarette market. They now have over three hundred franchises boutiques worldwide.
JWELL produces its own brand of e-liquids of premium French quality and they have developed a new line of electronic cigarettes using the latest innovations and technology.

E-Cigarette Inovation

Vaping is a positive innovation, healthy as well as culturally. Combining science, the art of taste and technology, it eliminates the risks of smoking and provides an exquisite vaping experience.
To make sure that their customers are enjoying a 100% safe vape, JWELL continues to invest in research and quality.
The materials used in the manufacture of their e-cigarettes are inspected and tested by independent experts. Their e-liquids of pharmaceutical quality are produced in the Paris area in an ISO 22000 and HACCP certified factory. Their e-liquids are composed of propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerin (VG), natural or food-grade artificial flavorings, guaranteed free of Diacetyl, Paraben and Ambrox, and with a nicotine dosage from 0 to 16mg. All 10 ml and 30 ml bottles are provided with safety caps. Advice on tobacco consumption an dependence is provided by an independent public health expert through their connected network, and they ensure a customized follow-up for their customers.

Their commitment to excellence is their number one concern: delivering the highest quality electronic cigarettes and e-liquids. JWELL taste experts ensure that they maintain their high level of excellence and that their products will always have the amazing taste and flavor their customers have come to expect of JWELL. They comply to the strictest quality norms and ensure that the origin of their ingredients can always be traced. JWELL continues its fight against regular tobacco and makes great investments in research to develop the latest innovations in e-cigarettes.


Website: http://www.jwellstores.com/