Results in just six months for Primavera

Results in just six months for Primavera

When you are a recognised brand, you might think that you do not need SEO while it can offer you growth opportunities. On top of this, it is generally a bit easier to get results for established companies. This was typically the case for Primavera. We helped them to get more visibility online and create a new channel to generate leads on their website. This was a game changer in their corporate strategy.

The customer

Primavera offers cloud-based software solutions to financial professionals and accountants since 1993. The brand has been acquired by Oakley Capital in June 2021, but remained under the governance of the two founders, José Dionísio and Jorge Batista. This move will enable Primavera to penetrate new markets such as Spain and scale up operations, in a way that was not possible up until now.


The website of the customer had a lot of content and we had to prioritise what to optimise first, and especially, what would have a bigger impact on the results. Primavera has a marketing team, but the majority of them are not trained on SEO. Therefore, we had to give some internal training on SEO basics. Finally, it was quite challenging to find websites for external publications that were in the niche of the customer.


We helped Primavera with developing their SEO strategy for the long-term, including content creation and technical optimisations. We focused on long-tail keywords to create blog posts that got into the first rankings on Google fairly quickly. We also partnered up with websites in the financial, software and accounting sectors to create backlinks for the pages with most potential to rank. We only selected high-quality publications to get better results.


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