How to Promote My Small Business Online?

In the last year alone- online business has become a fundamental of business, instead of just a clever way to promote your brand.

Here’s how to get on top, even if you’re tiny.

While internet marketing and website functionality has long been a business basic, in the year of covid lockdowns- it quickly became the only way many small businesses and local retailers saw any patrons at all.

With global marketing campaigns and multinational reach taking a backseat to local customers and convenient optimization.

What was once viewed as a way to bulk your business quickly became the only way to survive.

And chances are, yours isn’t the only small business feeling this renewed crunch to get online and get noticed.

But, online marketing is a different world. From posting a flyer or two, or just depending on word-of mouth advertising throughout your community- internet marketing comes with a plethora of options, techniques, and targeted ad experiences.

So as a small business, how do you know which campaigns to invest in, and when to save your money?

Perhaps the most useful tool for a small business looking to break out on the saturated online market is the digital marketing agency– or SEO agency.

These usually provide your business with a team of online marketing savvy individuals that know how to get you noticed in the places best suited for your small business.

Saving you time and money. The SEO services agency of today are probably just as useful as a Madison Avenue agency was in the ‘50s- but at a fraction of the cost.

Using AI, Google and analytics to get you the customers you want and the exposure you need.

Promoting With Google

Most digital marketing agency focus relies on using Google to help your business flourish in a targeted manner.

Which is no surprise as the search engine itself has become a verb. It’s rare that we’ll hear someone tell us to check out a library, or ask a friend.

Instead “Google it” has become the go to advice for just about anything: from how to treat a headache, to where to find car insurance.

Google Search Ads & Ranking

Getting your website noticed through top rankings and proliferous ads is the number one way to funnel traffic to your business, both for new customers, and those who are already brand loyal.

Top ranking sites are those that show up first anytime someone searches for something using Google.

With the right Search Engine Optimization tactics, your business has the same ability to show up for a search as any other competitor- including the big ones.

Most SEO agencies will optimize your website and any content you create to contain specific words that relate to common searches.

Which is just one way in which any business can gain relevancy online, and get themselves noticed in the community.

Google Search Ads work similarly to SEO practices, but instead of putting in the time it takes to reach those lofty heights organically, retailers can pay google to get their sites mentioned first.

Which is a great way to get the ball rolling while you’re waiting for other SEO techniques to take effect.

Especially if you take advantage of the many types of ad campaigns that Google offers– like Google video ads, shopping, and programmatic display advertising.

Google Shopping

If your small business is built on selling goods or products- Google Shopping can be a great way to get your products on your consumers radar.

As the platform allows consumers to instantly compare products and prices from a multitude of different vendors.

Google Shopping Campaign example
Google Shopping Campaign example

Working similarly to conglomerate marketplaces like Amazon and Etsy- with the ease and convenience of a Google search.

While the technology is still relatively new, being revamped and released last year, consumers have taken to the new experience quickly.

Particularly as it lets them price compare in a convenient way and all products advertised are backed by a Google guarantee.

But as you might have guessed- you’ll need a Google business account in order to qualify for product placement, and a bit of SEO strategy in order to rank appropriately.

Google Maps

Google maps is an incredible way for local brick and mortar shops and well as online retailers to reach their immediate customer base.

Allowing users to perform a quick search for anything they may need in the area.

Moreover, this free listing service doesn’t just work in the google maps app, but also integrates with the search engine itself- helping to prioritize businesses that may be local to whomever is searching for them.

In order to effectively wield the promotional power of Google Maps and location based services, you’ll need to establish and verify a Google Business Profile- which is actually pretty simple.

Once your profile has been established and verified- optimization once again becomes important.

As it can more easily tie your business to relevant searches, even to show up in the list of “nearby” businesses that are marked directly on a map of search engine results.

These top ranked results also offer the added benefit of showcasing any google reviews your business might have and linking directly to your website, showing business hours, and even offering promotions.

Google Business Profile

Google MyBusiness profile example
Google MyBusiness Profile example

In order to really get the most out of your Google Business Profile and Google Search Ads, you’ll need a great website.

While that sounds pretty obvious- a great website isn’t just one that has decent content and products- but one that really represents your brand and works well. Bring customers in, and keep them there.

A professional website is important, but so is a well optimized one. Which are sometimes difficult, if not impossible, to create using free web publishing services.

So if you’re going to spend money, spend it on creating an incredible, user friendly site. One that works well on both mobile and desktop devices.

A great business website can also function as an advertising platform for associated business– by allowing for programmatic display advertising.

Which can offer your business additional income and additional exposure through collaborative marketing campaigns.

COVID, SEO and Digital Marketing: What Online Business Needs to Stay Relevant in the New Normal

Covid-19 and the associated lockdowns have been a brutal time for many, but for online business, the virus has been a necessary push to modernize.

What started as Covid-19, quickly engrossed all of 2020, and may still stand to shackle much of 2021, the virus has created something of a new way of living for nearly everyone on the globe.

This is so much more than just donning a mask before visiting your local grocery store, or becoming more diligent than a surgeon about hand washing practices, it has changed the habits of our daily lives.

From how we work and learn, to how we get our consumer goods- and most definitely how we are marketed them.

More than that, the internet has become a paragon of how we interact with the world around us; socially, financially, and economically. It’s where we get our news, how we kiss our loved ones good night, and now- how we browse the aisles of our favorite stores and compare products.

It is indeed a brave new world, and online is where business gets done. Which means that all businesses need a trusted SEO consultant to ensure that they stay on top of the pile and ahead of competitors.

What COVID Has Done for Online Business

For many businesses outside of the technological sector, Covid-19 lockdowns, restrictions, and precautions have propelled them to play catch up with business practices of the 21st century.

This means creating a better network of online store fronts, optimizing existing web pages and payment systems, and figuring out how to better market to an online consumer.

Which has been a part of the top burgeoning businesses for years, but until covid hit, shuttering brick and mortar shops, few small businesses ever had the drive to move online.

But as the current climate demands it, more are finally starting to see the light at the end of the digital tunnel, particularly with the help of a Digital Marketing Agency.

SEO agencies differ from digital marketing in the way that they are a more comprehensive service, focusing more on your business’s digital footprint and cyber visibility, than they focus on traditional advertising methods.

Instead of purely focusing on things like brand awareness, SEO agencies optimize the fundamentals of your online business as a whole. Improving the speed and functionality of your website, user experience, search engine rankings, audits, content building, link creation, and a number of other technical aspects that help to create brand awareness and customer loyalty.

All of which funnel into creating a more profitable online business.

Why a Digital Marketing Agency is More Important Than Ever

While having your very own, trustworthy SEO consultant has long been an important part of running a successful online business, SEO agencies have become a more crucial component to digital business since covid-19 hit.

This is largely because more and more businesses are turning towards online retailing in order to stay afloat while still obeying new guidelines. It’s also because more people are spending greater amounts of time online, both for everyday entertainment and social purposes, but also for supplying themselves with the necessary goods and services that they need.

The recent surge of consumers going online have left many nascent online businesses hamstrung, as buying and search habits have changed immensely since lockdown. Meaning that without a dedicated SEO agency, one that is familiar with the changing tides of search and marketing habits, many niche and necessary businesses have been left behind with antiquated campaigns and strategies.

For businesses, both new and old, online without a comprehensive SEO plan, covid-19 and the greater public response threw them for a loop. Particularly as non-essential goods and services took a hit following the first few weeks of the pandemic / announcement.

What Your Clients Want From an SEO Agency During COVID-19

However, businesses need not worry about these changes, as the understanding of behavioral nuances of clients related to their search and purchase patterns is a massive part of what an SEO agency caters to.

Helping businesses to pivot right alongside their customers. Which can help quell some of the stress that business owners feel at this time. Your SEO consultant will also help give your customers quality content that they’re actually interested in interacting with, which can help reduce their pandemic anxiety as well.

Creating a paradigm in which the effectiveness of your SEO team is just as important for your clients as it is your business. Currently trends are beginning to settle down, and clients are looking back towards non-essential items and business.

Once again interested in things like travel, work, education, and entertainment. There has also been a renewed interest in more general topics, like employment, health and wellbeing, finance, and social relationships.

Leading to endless segues and opportunities to extend your brand where it is needed most- so long as you have the right SEO consultant to help you stay visible.

Now, it’s time to rock your SEO strategy!

Want to know more about SEO for your business?

How a Digital Marketing Agency Can Help You Grow Your Business

Thinking whether or not to work with a digital marketing agency?

Growing your business in today’s digitalized world can feel overwhelming at times and understanding how digital works is extremely important to succeed.

Why Has Digital Become So Crucial?

Traditional marketing can no longer reach the high audiences it used to –  Digital Marketing can.

The digital world of business is constantly changing and evolving, and digital marketing companies are aware of that.

Consumers are more informed than ever and the businesses who succeed are the ones who understand this different way of doing business today, an effective way.

Digital marketing is brand promotion through technology, with a much more precise target orientation.

It delivers measurable results in real-time and strategies can easily and immediately be tested and adjusted.

So why would a company need a digital marketing agency? Well, a digital expert helps you optimize your resources while delivering the right information to the consumer and design strategies that will help grow your brand.

It’s no longer enough to just create an ad and put it on every TV channel!
With digital marketing, you can reach out to a larger audience with a lower investment, compared to traditional marketing strategies with the direct cost of distribution and traditional media.

Around 3.5 billion people are connected to the internet today around the globe. Digital marketing makes your company visible on digital spaces in the right context anywhere in the world. This is why it is so important for your business to take digital marketing seriously and build an optimized presence to make the most out of opportunities.

Digital experts help you define the best way to advertise your brand and optimize your campaigns while making digital media works in your favor.

Given that people spend around 20 hours a week on social media, it is easy to understand that almost every consumer does quick research before buying any service or product.

That is why your brand should be visible on digital platforms, in order to be found by your customers and potential clients.

A digital marketing agency will analyze your business, niche market, discuss your needs, clarify your business and digital goals and implement tools that will help you meet them: SEO, PPC, content planning, link building, website optimization, manage social media, etc.

Find an agency that resonates with your work, brand image as well as values and be amazed by how a great digital marketing plan can boost your business.

What Does a Digital Marketing Agency Do?

A digital marketing agency is highly focused on results in the digital world and is a specialist in digital communication. They can easily track any marketing action and measure it, working on the improvement of your ROI.

It is a team of strategists, designers, copywriters, creatives, developers, consultants, managers that work together to deliver the best results possible with the least amount of money spent – compared to traditional marketing, where you’d spend a lot more for a much lower return.

When working with a digital marketing agency, they will help you define your goals and deadlines and improve your productivity and strategies to optimize time, tools, and investment.

It focuses on defining who your exact buyer is, a much more precise one, and work towards that specific target. Once you know who that target is, it becomes easy to determine what your message should be and how you can reach it.

Digital marketing is all about the online world, thus working with an agency means your online presence will be developed and boosted in many ways.

That’s where many team members come together, to better define a clear and concise strategy to build your online presence: through social media, videos, landing pages, podcasts, and other online platforms, with adequate content creation.

The goal is to provide the best possible search rankings, delivering a marketing ROI that you couldn’t get otherwise. Working with a digital marketing team means that you will get more customers with higher lead conversion, which means a growth of visibility and sales.

What we do at UniK

When choosing a digital marketing agency, you need to consider the costs, expertise, experience, creativity, and focus the agency has.

At UniK SEO, we are a digital marketing agency that specializes in increasing organic and paid traffic from the main search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo).

We provide services in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Pay-Per-Click Management (PPC), and Content Marketing for your brand and website.

We audit your company and create personalized digital marketing strategies, delivering measurable results to bring you the highest possible ROI. You can find out more about all our SEO services.

We are a team of motivated international professionals, who love and understand technology and innovations. Our goal is to provide the best services and results possible for your website.

unik seo

UniK SEO is based in Lisbon, Portugal, and we work with many brands worldwide. We currently provide our services in English, French, Portuguese, and Spanish.

Our team has a strong background in corporate and freelance digital marketing and we are proud to show great experience as well as track records in performance, affiliate and content marketing, SEO, PPC for digital services, e-commerce, and brands.

We also build strong relationships with our media partners, which is a great tool to have when developing a link building strategy.

We are excited to show you in which ways you can improve your website! Check our blog for future tips and tricks on digital marketing and SEO.

Content Marketing & SEO Outreach Executive

You’ll be pitching to press, online publishers, bloggers and influencers with a view to generate good coverage and backlinks with full organic SEO focus. The successful candidate will work alongside our existing SEO team and play a key role in the delivery of links to ensure SEO/digital PR success for our clients. We’re looking for an ambitious, proactive and super-organised individual, who can write excellent English and work to tight deadlines. You’ll report to our Head of SEO and Project manager, and you’ll have copywriters under your supervision, who will write the content and strategy you plan.


  • Creating and nurturing new relationships with digital publishers
  • Researching and identifying quality blogs and sites who accept Guest Posts
  • Managing and developing outreach plans/calendars with blogs and copywriters
  • Planning – online content, articles and case studies
  • You’re a self-motivator, you love coming up with new and innovative ideas
  • Use Google’s advanced search parameters to scrap relevant target sites
  • Be highly creative and able to spot ideas, angles and opportunities with content and story ideation
  • Understanding of what makes a good quality link
  • Experience and understanding of how to communicate, pitch to and build/nurture relationships with journalists
  • Keeping internal databases updated with relevant contact info and secured placements.


  • Excellent written English and Portuguese
  • Attention to detail
  • Understand how SEO works
  • Know how to do a Keywords Audit
  • Experience working in a fast-paced environment, working on varied projects


  • Open, family atmosphere and fun environment;
  • Work/life balance;
  • Flexible working hours;
  • Option to take extra non paid holidays;
  • 36 days off (22 days holiday + 13 National holidays + additional 2 days over Xmas/New Year + 1 day Birthday);
  • Unlimited Coffee and tea, free Matraquilhos and Ping-Pong;
  • Free Spotify premium account;

Please apply to:

Digital Project Manager Job Offer

Our SEO Agency is looking for an experienced digital project manager to join our story. Unik SEO is one of the leading SEO agencies in Portugal and a place where you can learn and grow your digital career. All our work is based in the best international SEO standards and we’re one of the few agencies in Portugal doing Online PR optimised for SEO. About 70% of our clients are international, mostly from the UK, USA, Canada and Northern Europe.

Key responsibilities:

  • Onboarding SEO clients from sales and organising resources required to set up their campaigns;
  • Overseeing the project’s financial budget and billing hours;
  • Ensure that projects are on-budget, on-time and on-quality;
  • Maintain each project workflow by assigning tasks to SEO executives and freelancers;
  • Take some time to assess how the teams are working and optimize and improve practices and processes;
  • Acting as the lead contact for clients during projects both in Portuguese and English;
  • Zoom or Skype with clients to take detailed ordering briefs and clarify specific; requirements of each project;
  • Support and orient Interns;
  • Make monthly reports to clients and company management;
  • Keeping track of latest digital campaign trends and analysing digital behaviour;

Key skills – Elimination factors:

  • Attention to detail and ability to proofread ruthlessly to spot typos and errors
  • Excellent client-facing communication skills
  • Minimum professional experience of 2 years in the role of account/project manager in a digital agency
  • Great level of English (writing and speaking)
  • Be native to the digital world

Soft Skills – Non-eliminatory

  • Multi-tasker with ability to juggle many projects;
  • Experience with management software tools (Monday, Buzzstream, or other)
  • Evidence of working with project management methodologies;
  • Being proactive and able to solve business problems with a technical mindset
  • Result oriented and decision-making skills;
  • Experience in SEO will be valued.
  • Have worked abroad for more than 6 months is a plus
  • Knowledge of Google Analytics, Google TagManager, SEO and Google Ads


  • Open, family atmosphere and fun environment;
  • Work/life balance;
  • Flexible hours;
  • State-of-the-art offices with a fun and engaging culture;
  • Work from home some days per month;
  • Option to take extra non paid holidays;
  • 36 days off (22 days holiday + 13 National holidays + additional 2 days over Xmas/New Year + 1 day Birthday);
  • Unlimited Coffee and tea, free Matraquilhos and Ping-Pong;
  • Free Spotify premium account;

Please send your application with CV to

How To Create An Effective Digital Marketing Strategy?

As we all know, a big part of marketing nowadays actually happens online. Did you know that an average person spends 24 hours a week online?

Some individuals spend up to 40 hours a week surfing the net or scrolling down their social media feeds, which means that the numbers are growing as we spend twice as much time online than we did 10 years ago.

This means that even though marketing isn’t exclusively happening online, over 90% of businesses in the USA market their brands on social media, and you should too. A very large portion of your marketing strategy should be oriented towards attracting all those internet users who are your potential customers and keeping up with your competitors.

But where to start?

When it comes to online marketing, trends change quickly, so we compiled a shortlist of the three most important aspects you should take into consideration when you’re creating an effective digital marketing strategy.

1.   Build a Buyer Persona

It doesn’t matter if your marketing strategy takes place offline or online, you have to know who your target audience is and create a buyer persona. Knowing who you’re going to market your services or products to is the first step towards building a successful marketing strategy.

Buyer personas are your ideal customers who you can create by researching and interviewing your target audience. It’s important to note that this information should be based only on real data since making assumptions can create a marketing strategy based on false data and provide unreliable results.

The research that is going to indicate who your target audience is should include several types of customers and prospects alongside their location, age, income, job title and other personal information like their interests, likes, dislikes, and so on.

Once you have a clearly defined buyer persona, you need to align your business goals and priorities accordingly.

2.   What Are Your Goals and Digital Marketing Needs?

After you create your buyer persona, you should focus your attention on finding the right tools that’ll help you identify your goals and track your path to success. This is the only way in which you’ll be able to measure your progress later on and evaluate whether you’ve achieved what you set out to do.

Make sure that your goals are aligned with your budget, your needs, and your assets.

For instance, the choice of a web hosting provider has a lot to do with the ability to scale your business and create your online business strategy. Make sure that the bandwidth and disk space your host offers you will give you the opportunity to capitalize on all the traffic you’ll be getting with a solid digital marketing strategy in place.

3.   Creating a Link Building Strategy

Creating a good link building strategy is essential for building authority in your niche – this is because the authority will improve your search engine rankings.

This means that if you don’t invest in an effective link building strategy, all your SEO efforts could be in vain. Getting quality backlinks should be one of the goals in your online marketing campaign, but here’s what you should have in mind:

            ●         It should be based on quality instead of quantity.

●       There isn’t one right way to get backlinks, you should incorporate as many tactics as you can.

●       If you can’t get backlinks any other way, you can pay for links. However, this will not only cost you a lot, but you can be harshly penalized by Google. This is due to the fact that buying links is strictly forbidden by all search engines.

●       Make sure you utilize some common hacks such as posting answers on Q&A sites like Quora. This will eventually get some users to follow your link and get to your website.

●       When you go for an email outreach technique to get backlinks from influencers or well-known bloggers, make sure your email stands out from the rest because if it gets lost in the crowd, it’ll never be read and recognized. See that you offer them something in return, so don’t forget to mention what they’re getting out of the collaboration somewhere in the email.

●       If you don’t want to depend on anyone for backlinks, you can build your own PBN Hosting (Private Blog Network). This is an easy way to get as many backlinks as you’d like to your own money site via other websites within your network, which would actually be yours. Make sure you choose a good web hosting provider that can cover up your Private Blog Network from the search engines – since this is a grey hat SEO technique that’s the only way to stay completely safe.

Final Thoughts

It all comes down to encouraging your users to come back to your site and obtaining new organic traffic, which is why you should invest in every part of your digital marketing strategy to get the best results.

Besides creating a buyer persona, defining your goals and creating a good link building strategy, there are other ways to succeed in the online world, like being active on social media and exposing your online business by collaborating with influencers and bloggers.

We hope that your online marketing plan will be a success and you’ll get as many conversions as possible!

Practical Considerations and Actionable Applications for Agencies Amidst the Coronavirus Outbreak

The novel coronavirus has affected more than just our personal health and safety, and businesses must adjust in order to survive.

The novel coronavirus has drastically shifted the functional norms of many businesses, particularly those of digital agencies. As economic systems, consumer needs, and client requirements change, so must the agency’s operational foundation. While this can serve to create a sense of instability and panic, there are actionable items and practical steps to be taken to help ensure the continuity of your business.

These applications are focused not only on what this crisis means for an agency and their base operations at present, but also how one could reasonably react to the months of necessary recovery following the viral conclusion.

Analyze and Reduce Spending

In order to reduce spending in such a way as to not cut into revenue, you must first find where your money is being spent and what manner of returns you are to expect.


Analyze all costs, down to the last cent. (You should already have this in order ,but if you don’t, now is the perfect time to dig deeper.) Take these costs and separate them into two main categories:

  • Fixed Costs
  • Variable Costs

Then, divide each of these costs into specific sub categories to the best of your abilities. Allowing an itemization of where each amount goes, making it simple to weigh against potential profit later.


Create different revenue scenarios with the probability of change in client status. This means clients leaving, set deals becoming cancelled or paused, etc. Follow this speculation with finding the minimum revenue necessary that your agency requires to continue forward with each individual operation. 

For each scenario cut on expenses in order to achieve break-even status. Make use of any applicable governmental support services should they be available to you or include other measures such as reducing staff working hours by 25%, etc.


Consider what each client costs. Check billed hours your team actually spent on each client, and weigh this against the hours that were contracted. Check the money that was spent on content creation if you are outsourcing it, and any publication costs associated with that content. (guest posts, infographics, Online PR, etc)

Create this cost analysis for each client on a monthly basis.


Create a document with this information, clearly outlining how much profit your agency is set to make from each individual client. This will become clear once client costs and what each client pays you are compared.

Focus on Profitable Niches/Countries

You may find that certain niches or countries are more profitable than others. Understand why this is happening. Most times is related with variable costs. If you are an SEO agency, a big chunk of your variable costs goes to content creation and publication. As an example, in our agency we have big clients in the cryptocurrency market demanding a lot of content publication in the form of articles, infographics etc. Because of this, we already have a big database of sites where we publish regularly, with well established contacts and protocols with ourr agency. This saves us all those outreach hours spent by our team looking for sites and negotiation prices, every time a new client from the crypto market comes onboard.

New clients in this niche, become much cheaper than clients from a new niche.

Same goes for countries. In Portugal, we have a big database of places to publish high quality content including even some amazing sites accepting free publications. Because of this, new clients have a very low variable cost during the first months in terms of content publishing.

Consider Recession Proof/Proactive Industry

Try to find niches that will not be affected, or not nearly as severely affected, by the coronavirus crisis Focus on these as well. Focus on these types of niches in conjunction with established clients, as the recovery period may cause a new type of upheaval in market trends.

 Invest only where your money is

With the previous in mind, focus on getting leads for these niches/countries so you maximise the ROI of each client. This way your cost per conversion will be the same, but once converted, that client will be a lot more profitable.

So in resume, focusing your lead generation that is directly related to pre-existing and well established clients can serve to maximize profits. This is largely because these niches:

  • Are already associated with established databases of contacts or publishers
  • Are able to supply more reliable speculation on price
  • Reduce team and time billing hours by relying on pre-established relationships
  • Will not require further expenditure obtaining new clients within a known niche

Target Your Promotion

Once you have a clear idea of which niches, countries, and clients are set to give your agency the most reliable revenue streams at the lowest cost, you now need to consider agency promotion. As market trends and business vitality change, paid promotion costs have also been upended.

GoogleAds, Instagram, Facebook, and a number of historically useful promotional outlets are showing a much lower cost per click, due to lack of investment. Take advantage of this market dip and invest in the promotion of your agency at a lower cost than usual.

Utilize Cold Calling

Use these previously identified niches to create an email marketing campaign. Find all the companies relevant to those niches and countries. Using Google search results and LinkedIn, find the emails and top representatives of the first 100 relevant companies you come across. Use either an email campaign or a paid LinkedIn account to contact these representatives directly, explaining why your agency is directly applicable to their current needs. Use case studies and strong visual messages to solidify and strengthen your point. Rely heavily on historical data and the established effectiveness of your agency as it pertains to their industry directly.

Find New Revenue Streams

While massive focus is being put on cutting costs and utilizing reduced resources, such a stark change in daily business function will see you with downtime. Use any newly freed time your team had to brainstorm and execute new strategies that will help to strengthen your business in the future. Adapting your existing resources to focus on your own agency internally, as opposed to constantly focusing on clients only. Use the new extra time for you.

Consider using this time to create a webinar on areas of interest or expertise. Focus on SEO for video or voice services, create a video series of your agency by filming your meeting sessions (people like to see other agencies at work). Think outside the box for ways in which to best promote your services and solidify your agency as an industry expert, reinforcing your abilities and image as a leader for when markets return to normal.

Stay safe, and stay well.

We are hiring! SEO Specialist

UniK SEO is a fast-growing SEO agency in Lisbon, Portugal. We are hiring a SEO specialist interested in relocating to sunny Portugal to work in a reactive company. We’d love you to join and grow with us while growing our clients’ search campaigns from our Lisbon office in Portugal. (10 min from the beach)

Our clients are mainly English speaking and international, covering all industries including Adult (if you are too sensitive about this one maybe rethink before applying as you will likely have to market vibrators, webcam models, etc… uffff I know but hey… it’s work).

Our ideal candidate is a self-learner, with a successful track record to illustrate, has experience in Link Building either in-house or working for another agency and wants to relocate to Lisbon to enjoy Portugal’s cheap house rentals prices and cost of living. (In Portugal beer costs less than 1.5£)

Responsibilities and Duties

Day-to-day duties will include:

  • Plan the SEO Link-building strategy for our clients.
  • Manage a portfolio of clients in a range of industries including adult.
  • Identify competitors and monitor their SEO efforts regularly, incorporating learnings into our strategy.
  • Monitor, report and identify opportunities for improvements through SEO & content.
  • Supervision of our SEO executives and outreach campaigns which generate high quality links.
  • Manage freelancer activities and budget their expenses.
  • Use Google analytics to provide insights

What we’re looking for

You need this: (if you apply without having this we won’t reply to you, sorry)

  • Experience level: min. 3 years as SEO specialist, SEM manager or similar role
  • Education: min. Bachelor Degree
  • Experience working with SEO tools to monitor site performance
  • Strong organizational and prioritization skills
  • Good international search engine knowledge
  • Ability to write in English to a high standard or native-English equivalent
  • Critical thinking, defending vigorously your own ideas, but be able to change them at the right time
  • You are data driven, curious, proactive, and self-motivated
  • The right to work legally in Portugal

We’d love this too:

  • Some PPC experience.
  • Mad Excel skills.
  • Google Analytics experience/qualifications.
  • Ability to speak another language.


  • A super friendly team
  • Training and development opportunities
  • 25 paid holidays per year
  • Around 13 Public Holidays per year
  • 25 extra non-paid holidays per year (optional)
  • Relaxed dress code
  • Rapidly growing agency with some awesome clients
  • Flexible work schedule
  • Work 10min from the beach in sunny Portugal
  • Go surf with your boss and drop-in on their waves as much as you want
  • Enjoy a much cheaper cost-of-living when compared with the UK or US (house rent + transports typically cost under 800€/month)


Annual Gross Income negotiable depending on skills and experience

How to apply:
Please email your CV and a cover letter to It’d be helpful if you could let us know in your email where you first found this vacancy.

New Service: Boost your E-Reputation

Everything that is online has a reputation, and depending on how you manage it, e-reputation can be the key to your business’ success or failure. Having this in mind, at UniK SEO we now have a new and complete e-reputation management service to offer our clients. We will boost your E-Reputation!

If you own a business that has an online presence, our e-Reputation services have a lot to contribute to your brand’s success. Read through to learn more about the importance of e-reputation and what we have to offer. 

Boost your E-Reputation: Why should you care?

E-reputation is the face of your brand online. It is the way through which people perceive your brand’s image, quality and trustworthiness. Your business’ value relies significantly on it. This happens because customers are strongly guided by what they know, think and feel about your brand. Thus, it is imperative to have control over the online information regarding your business. 

Because your Customers Care

It all comes down to this: the modern consumers don’t merely trust advertisements. They conduct searches, they read reviews and they ask the people they know for opinions.

According to a recent infographic by Brandify, 83% of consumers check online reviews when evaluating companies. 88% indicate word-of-mouth as the leading influence for opinions. 67% of local consumers read online reviews of local businesses for purchasing decisions. 

Hence, your potential costumers are always online and have access to every piece of existing online information about your brand. This means that they will know about your brand’s positive traits, but if there are some negative ones, then they will definitely learn about them as well. 

Because it can make it or break it for your brand

E-reputation can be a great commercial asset for your business. However, without proper care, it can also be its Achilles heel. The lack of online reputation management can lead to unexpected negative outcomes: it can cost you traffic, clients and conversions.

The entrepreneurs that have had their businesses, big or small, destroyed because of reputation setbacks are countless. 

However, close monitorization and constant optimization can detect problematic issues at an early stage and allow for taking measures to revert the situation and avoid a crisis. 

It is also very important to have in mind that reputation is one of the key factors affecting Google’s ranking. For better results and positioning, e-reputation optimization plays a crucial part in digital marketing. 

Boost What can you get from our e-reputation services?

E-reputation optimization comprises a set of techniques that go beyond SEO. These are strategies that cover external sites such as blogs, social networks, reviews websites, and anything else that may have information on your business. 

What’s tricky about e-reputation is that it is everywhere on the web. Besides looking out for your own website, it is important to monitor absolutely everything else related to your business. Additionally, the way businesses respond to critics and problems is crucial for their reputation, and these situations are not always easy to perceive. In the market of today, brands must be transparent, authentic and work thoroughly on their relationship with customers. 

Our team has the knowledge and expertise to apply these strategies to your brand in a personalized way and to make sure you get the results you’re looking for. If e-reputation management seems to be the type of asset that your business needs, check out UniK SEO’s dedicated service page to this topic. There, we share our work process and explain thoroughly how e-Reputation works.

Feel free to contact us in case you have any questions regarding e-reputation or other matters. We will be happy to help you.

Link Building Strategies for Adult Websites

Have you heard of The European Summit? In the past weekend (1st to 4th of March 2019), the TES Affiliate Conferences were in Lisbon. The 3-day networking event took place in The Oitavos Hotel, in Quinta da Marinha, Cascais, and attracted international professionals from several business areas of the digital marketing industry. This year, UniK SEO (a full-service SEO agency based in Lisbon) participated by presenting a seminar about Link Building Strategies for Adult Websites.

Our Presence At The European Summit

TES was founded in 2009 with the goal of bringing together professionals from areas such as e-commerce, gambling, finance, adult, dating, forex, health and many others. The event invests in a pleasant environment where participants can do networking, share and learn in conferences and have a good time. TES Affiliate Conferences currently take place yearly, in the big cities of Lisbon (in March) and Prague (in September).

UniK SEO was present, and our CEO, Grégoire Lacan, hosted a seminar about Link Building Strategies for Adult Websites. The conference room was filled with an interested audience of professionals, and word has it that the talk was quite successful.

Because we believe sharing is the best investments for knowledge, we’d like to share these pieces of information with you. Thus, here are some of the topics explored in the conference. At the end of this article, you can find the PDF with the full presentation and download it for free.

Working Through the Intricacies of Adult SEO

As you may know, one of UniK’s specializations is Adult SEO. Our team has proved experience in developing strategies that increase organic traffic and ranking results with a positive impact on the ROI for adult businesses. If you work with adult websites, you know that these require a completely different marketing approach than the typical mainstream businesses. Link building is a crucial part of it. This is why our CEO found it important and useful to talk about link building strategies for adult websites. This is adequate because the TES audience widely consists of webmasters and websites’ owners.

SEO strategies for adult businesses are a must – and yet they can be quite complicated. To put it simply, link building for these websites is tricky because no one wants to link to an adult website. To make it a bit more difficult, there are quite a lot of niches with high competition in adult businesses. How can you work around this, then?

1. Take Every Opportunity

One of the keys, Grégoire stated, is to make use of opportunities. Focus on less competitive niches – look for your keywords in other languages, for instance. There are also new markets rising, and they are well worth exploring – it is the case for virtual reality. According to search, VR porn should be a $1 billion business by the year 2025, which makes it an investment of great potential for adult businesses.

2. Check your Website’s Optimization

Our Business Director also found it important to reiterate that there are key steps to have in mind before starting to build backlinks. You should make sure your website is working properly. In terms of speed, indexation, having an SSL certificate (HTTPS domain) and a responsive mobile version, among others. If your website doesn’t have proper optimisation, link building strategies won’t be able to get you the results you’re looking for.

3. Assess the Key Performance Indicators

KPI Adult Link Building

It is also important to consider backlinks’ Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). These are characteristics such as the Link Location, the Domain Authority of the website they are placed on, the fact that your backlink is placed within a related niche site, the percentage of organic traffic, etc. It is important to keep track of the link building strategies’ performance. It is the only way to be able to adjust it according to results.

4. Other Useful Resources

Besides the development of the topics already mentioned, we are also sharing in the presentation file a complete list of free tools that you can use for Backlinks KPIs, Technical SEO and On Page SEO.

Grégoire also presented an extremely useful list of specific link building strategies. The list has 7 items and each is accompanied by an illustrative example. Two of the most popular ones in the industry are the use of directories and guest posting. You can learn about all of them in the PDF available below.

Download your Free PDF

As promised, here you can download the PDF made for Grégoire’s conference on Link Building Strategies for Adult Websites.

In case you have any questions, please feel free to contact UniK SEO! We would be happy to help you set up your adult link building strategy or to optimize any other content on our website for your SEO campaign.

Additionally, in case you have interest in learning more about these topics, don’t miss out on our article about Adult Link Building: How Does It Work?.