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A focus on local SEO for Boa-Bao

In a city like Lisbon, word-of-mouth is key for local restaurants to get more visits every day. This is how Boa-Bao built its reputation, but it was not enough to fill the restaurant every day of the week. To have a bigger reach and to attract tourists, they started focusing on their digital marketing through local SEO.

SEO Case Study - Boa Bao

The customer

Boa-Bao offers Pan-Asian cuisine in three different cities: Lisbon, Porto and Barcelona. The restaurant has a relaxed and casual-chic atmosphere. Some of the main dishes on the menu include Vietnamese soups, Thai curries and Korean vegetables woks.


The restaurant website had low to no traffic, as nothing had been done before in terms of digital marketing. The customer did not even have a Google My Business profile and was not present on Trip Advisor. On top of this, we found some critical issues that needed to be taken care of pretty quickly, and we needed to share more content including visuals from the food to attract new customers.


We decided to contact Portuguese food bloggers (Foodies) to have them review the restaurant. This strategy had a positive outcome, leading to high-scoring reviews for Boa-Bao in the food blogging world.

Here are some of the best examples of reviews that UniK SEO successfully acquired:

We also developed a strategy to focus on highly searched keywords related to the industry. PRs and local SEO were other strategies used to help hungry on-the-goers know where they should stop for a bite.


Boa-bao results
Boa-bao keywords

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