Escort SEO

Got a question to ask about Escort SEO? Read on for a brief introduction to some of the most frequently asked questions on the subject of escort SEO, along with their respective answers:

What is Escort SEO?

Escort SEO refers to search engine optimization strategies devised and implemented specifically for escorts and escort websites. SEO is used to ensure the website and business in question appear prominently in the SERP rankings (Search Engine Result Pages) – basically on Google for search words and terms of value and relevance for the business. It focuses specifically, on the city, region, or country as well as on the type of escorting services advertised by the website such as male, female or trans.

Why Is Escort SEO Important?

The reason for escort SEO’s importance comes down to simple competition.  Contrary to general beliefs, the global escort industry is one of the largest and most competitive online (that is valid for the whole adult industry…). Along with thousands of established escort agencies worldwide, there are also millions of self-employed escorts all out to appeal to the same target audience. This is especially true in the countries in which prostitution is 100% legal (such as Switzerland for instance).

These days, the vast majority of clients interested in the services of escorts use the major search engines to point them in the right direction and find the right provider. If your escort agency or personal profile page doesn’t appear prominently in the search results of Google or other search engines, it is unlikely you will be found by members of your target audience. Escort SEO focuses on prominence in the relevant keywords rankings, ensuring your website is easy to find and ranks higher than your competitors. You will thus be able to get more customers!

How Does Escort SEO Work?

Effective SEO brings countless complementary methods and tools to create one unified promotional package to push your website up the ranking results. In the case of Escort SEO, the process of climbing the rankings is essentially no different than that of any other business. Escort SEO, like “normal” SEO, is based on 3 pillars: Technical, Content, Backlinks.  Keywords must be researched and chosen, outstanding content produced and published, a world-class user experience created and plenty of adult backlinks established. Nevertheless, adult industries like escort websites naturally bring unique complications into the equation. In fact, it is more difficult to obtain natural and powerful backlinks pointing at an adult website.

Can I Handle my Own Escort SEO?

Technically speaking, the answer is yes (of course). If you are willing to invest in time and in the development of the technical skills required to implement a quality SEO strategy, handling things manually is an option and a possibility.  However, if you do not already have plenty of SEO experience and general web marketing acumen, you’ll save time and money in huge quantities by hiring the experts. SEO for escort websites as any website in the adult industry can be trickier especially when it comes to Digital PR and link building.

How Much Does Professional Escort SEO Cost?

When it comes to SEO costs, it is important to take into account ongoing value for money. Escort SEO can be as cheap or expensive as you want it to be, though the results you can expect will vary accordingly. If you are only willing to spend the bare minimum on search engine optimization, you cannot expect to outperform rivals who are investing heavily in SEO. With the assistance of an experienced team of professionals, you are largely guaranteed an outstanding return on your investment. It is a classic case of getting out what you are willing to put in.

How Long Does Escort SEO Take To Pay Back?

SEO isn’t designed to deliver miraculous results overnight. Instead, it is a strategic approach to the promotion of escorts and escort agencies with a focus on long-term stability and prosperity. Quality SEO can often take weeks or even months to hit its stride and get you the ROI you are expecting. Hence, the importance of approaching escort SEO as an ongoing process, rather than a one-off ‘box’ to be ticked. With sufficient time, however, the payoff in organic traffic and customers could be extraordinary.

Can I Get by Without Escort SEO?

If you already have an established profile, reputation, and client base, you probably don’t need any further promotion. By contrast, if you rely on a steady influx of new clients to keep your business up and running, you need proactive SEO. Once again, with the vast majority of web users relying exclusively on search engines to show them the way, you need to make your profile and website as easy to find as possible. If not, you risk going overlooked and giving your competitors the advantage.

Where Should I Start?

Last up, whether new to the concept of SEO or simply looking to enhance the performance of your existing strategy, it all begins with a comprehensive consultation. In order to determine the most appropriate way forward for your adult SEO strategy, we will carry out a comprehensive audit of your current SEO profile, while researching your niche competitors and your target market in general. After which, we will formulate an ongoing strategy for your success, helping ensure you outperform your competitors for the most popular and relevant search terms in your niche.

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Adult Websites: Don’t use naughty SEO

Black hat SEO is not an option

There seems to be an urban myth – or, let’s say, an online forum kind of urban myth – claiming that adult content websites have a free pass regarding the use of Black Hat SEO techniques. 

Well, on a recent Google Search Central SEO Office Hours Hangout Livestream, Google’s John Mueller was challenged to comment that “(mis)information” that is being spread on some web forums, claiming that white hat SEO doesn’t work for adult niches.  Now, hold on. What is white hat SEO, black hat SEO, and who in the name of Google is John Mueller?

  1. White hat SEO is the set of practices that develops your page search rankings on a search engine results page (SERP) whilst keeping the reliability of your website by complying with the search engines’ terms of service and guidelines;
  2. Black hat SEO refers to a set of practices that are used to raise a page’s rank in Search Engine Results Page (SERP) through resources that clearly violate the search engines´ terms of service as expressed on the guidelines; 
  3. John Mueller is a Webmaster Trends Analyst at Google. He works in the tech giant since 2007 and has been doing great work connecting SEO executives to the engineers in Google. Always in the name of Search. 

The adult niche and black hat SEO

According to a Search Engine Journal article written by Matt Southern “apparently, there are SEOs spreading “advice” regarding the use of black hat tactics in adult niches” and this idea has been debated in some internet forums.” John Mueller addressed the rumour on the live Google Search Central SEO Office Hours Hangout, last December 4. When confronted with this news, Mueller politely denied them, whilst reminding Google Webmaster Guidelines. Here’s what John Mueller said:

“I can’t suggest that you should use black hat techniques, so from that point of view, I can only point to our guidelines with regards to what we do recommend. (…) I understand that some people might say “oh, well, everyone in my niche is doing it the wrong way therefore I also need to do it that way.” And I don’t know. It might be that there are individuals in special niches where our systems just aren’t picking up the abusive or problematic techniques well enough.”

, Mueller alleged.

For the time being, it’s impossible to predict for how long the use of black hat SEO will go undetected, as Google is improving its systems on a daily basis. So, you better don’t do it at all. “But I need results!”, you may say. Well, for more sustainable results you have to work with someone that is aware of Google’s official documentation and guidelines – and use white hat SEO practices. Let’s see what Mueller has to say about it. 

“From my point of view if you want to look at the long run, and not just focus on something that might last a couple of weeks or a couple of months, then I would tend to focus more on what we have documented.”

White Hat SEO: Let’s be honest, please

According to the SEMRush definition, white hat SEO means “implementing techniques to improve a website’s search engine ranking without relying on tricks to undermine a search engine’s algorithm”

So, what does it stands for? 

White hat SEO focus on delivering users with relevant and high-quality content that takes user experience into consideration, rather than spammy techniques that are focused on optimizing solo for bots. Without guidelines to follow, the search engine results would be hectic, and the users would be absolutely lost.

Who does benefits from it?

Everyone! Google, site publishers, and users. How? Well, 1) Google search engine can be the favourite digital ecosystem, because users rely on that they can find great content their, 2) site publishers can rank their websites without untrustworthy methods and 3) lastly, users can find what they want to find throughout the organic search.

Remember: Content is king

Nearly 90% of marketing teams use blog posts as a lead generator. Produce content for humans, not bots. Human-centered SEO is key, so create content for humans that are looking for information. 

Using the same principle – content rules – you want your content to be both authoritative and relevant so that other sites can refer to it. 

User Intent is Google’s best friend forever

Are you a website publisher? So, know this: user intent is what the user is looking for when typing a query in a search engine. According to the same SEMRush article, the intent can “informational, commercial, navigational, and transactional.” The software company based in Boston has some pieces of advice:

  • Know what your audience is looking for
  • Optimize your content to suit specific keywords
  • Using videos and images

2021: Mobile-First Index

We are almost wrapping up this strange year but before we leave keep in mind something important: next Spring, Google’s indexing will switch to mobile-first indexing. Therefore, all of your SEO strategy – preferably based on white hat techniques – should evolve and adapt to new circumstances. 

We are to help you out too. 

One thing that you can do right now is to use Google’s mobile-friendly test tool to see where you are at the moment. You can also check the speed of your mobile site with the Test My Site tool.

Now, it’s time to rock your SEO strategy!

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Why You Absolutely Need Adult Cam Site SEO

They say a picture is worth a thousand words- so what does that mean for the value of a video? Well, it all depends on who’s watching.

Adult content has always been a top grossing industry- even in times of economic downturn. As a truly recession-proof business model, cramming can earn you a comfortable living, with minimal effort… eventually. But, you’re not the only one who’s cottoned on to the massive potential behind the digital adult content market. Millions of adult webcam services and models are already online, competing for the business that the internet brings.

But, as not all that glitters is gold- webcam businesses are also subject to some pretty strict governmental regulations- most of which concern the “Do’s and Do Not’s” of advertising. So how exactly do you get your business to shine while still following all of those pesky guidelines? Well, you get yourself SEO for adult websites.

How to Start an Adult Webcam Business

The first thing you’re going to actually need to ask yourself is “How to start an adult webcam site”. See, an adult webcam business doesn’t exist without a site. Although you can chuck up just about any old site you want, if you’re hoping to have a lucrative adult webcam business, you’re going to need to pay attention to the way you build your site and more specifically- pay attention to adult SEO. This is largely because of two major factors:

  • Extreme competition within the niche
  • Red tape regarding advertising policies

The world of adult content online is busy. It’s a booming market, one that could stand to see purveyors a decent amount of money if they can find a way to get their website to stand out above the rest. The best way to do that is to have the functionally best site possible, and laser focus on a good SEO strategy. This can help not only drive new customers and clients to your site- but also keep them there, and keep them coming back. Improving CTR and viewership. Adult SEO services can not only help your site become more visible on the web, but many SEO providers also ensure that your site itself is fully optimized and running smoothly.

Adult advertising is no simple task when it comes to digital marketing strategies. This is largely because most of the heavily relied upon tactics ban adult websites from using them. Things like Facebook ads and google banners have strict rules when it comes to advertising age-restricted products and services. No to mention email campaigns and pop-ups are mostly long forgotten, as many people have savvied up and employ spam folder options and pop-up blockers.

Which leaves the only effective way to market your site, without completely collapsing your profit margin, to SEO services. Working seamlessly inside Google, Yahoo!, and Bing algorithm guidelines and rules, to ensure that you get a top spot when it comes to anyone who may be in need of an adult webcam business. Because the only way to be relevant, is to be on top.

SEO for Adult Webcam Models

Even if you’re not the brains behind a large adult web arm service, you may still need to consider adult SEO. This is because even as a webcam model, you can get your personal profile, or your clips, ranking better in search engine queries as well. Which is just as important for a model as it is for hosting sites.

Adult SEO is a multifaceted system of optimization. It starts from embedding keywords in your site, as well as in the links to your site. A good adult SEO service will also keep eagle eyes on both what your competition is doing, and what your fans are searching for. Enabling you to create better content that is specifically geared towards snagging as many viewers as possible with the same clip, or profile.

While it may sound impossible to cater to the tastes of millions if you’re just one model- it’s really not. Especially when it comes to webcam services. This is because although peoples sexual tastes vary greatly- what they search for most rarely does.

If you know the terms that people are popping into their favorite search engine, you know exactly how to be labeling your content. It can also help you create new and imaginative content like cam collaborations, contests, and interacting with your fans on a more personal and intimate level. All of which can easily help your personal business thrive.

Why Adult SEO is Important

Most of the content you will be creating is considered “On-site” SEO. Other types of on-site SEO include the way you build your URLs, how your pages load, even down to choosing your domain name. While all of this is incredibly important to how your site functions and ranks, an adult SEO campaign will also help you with “Off-site” SEO. This includes things like:

  • Using your on-site blog to help create relevant backlinks.
  • Using related sites to build backlinks
  • Creating authority for your brand
  • Creating brand awareness through related content
  • Social media and influencer marketing

The overarching goal of off-site SEO is to get people talking about, and visiting, your page. Whether you’re an adult webcam business, or an adult webcam model. This helps to boost your online popularity- cleverly funneling new clients and old to your site. Whether they have searched for it directly, or merely found your link amongst their favorite related content- if they have clicked your link, you are now that much more popular.

Yes, it really is all one big popularity contest. And you can think of these “click throughs” as a vote for a digital Prom Queen. The more people you have viewing and visiting your site- the better your site will rank. The better your site ranks, the more people that will inevitably visit it.

What’s even more meta is the fact that you can use these same strategies to boost interaction with your business site, your model profile, or even internal content like your videos or blogs- all on their own. Creating an entire network of well optimized bits and pieces that can eventually hit the top spots across any search engine platform. All you need is a bit of time, and a really great adult SEO team.

Now, it’s time to rock your SEO strategy!

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Adult Guest Posting

Guest posting is a great way of enriching your SEO backlink profile and boosting traffic through 100% organic means. You create compelling content, you get it published on third-party websites and you benefit from exposure to their existing audience.

But while it all seems pretty straightforward, adult guest posting isn’t always so simple. Writing guest posts is easy – creating outstanding and influential guest posts is something else entirely. What’s more, even if you do write solid adult guest posts, actually getting others to publish them for your benefit can be a tricky task in its own right.

One of the best ways of succeeding with adult guest posting is to outsource to a third-party SEO agency or marketing specialist. However, if you do decide to go to do it alone, the following guidelines may prove helpful:

Direct to outcomes, not home pages

First up, every guest post (also in the adult industry) should focus on funnelling people to an outcome, rather than a home page. For example, an online sex store could publish a guest post with the intention of drawing attention to a specific product or product category. Just as an escort website could use guest posting to discuss the escort scene and industry in a specific region. The problem is that when you create random posts or simply send people directly to your homepage, you could be wasting your time.

Aim for long-term value and relevance

Adult guest posting should always be approached with on-going value and relevance in mind. While it’s always tempting to get on board with the latest fads and trends, you run the risk of the quality of your posts quickly and completely diminishing. Even if the post ranks prominently for a specific keyword today, what happens when the keyword falls out of favour with the masses? Think carefully about the subject matter and the SEO elements of every guest post, prioritising long-term value over quick-fix results.

Use your own voice and tone

Using your own voice and tone in your guest posts is important for two reasons. Websites accept guest posts as a means by which to vary the voice and tone of their blogs and general content. Guest posts that look and sound the same as the rest hold little value or appeal. In addition, you need to ensure that your voice remains consistent for wider branding purposes. If you use one tone/voice in your posts and a completely different voice back at your website, you can’t expect to be taken seriously.

Write about your passions and interests

It’s impossible to succeed with guest posts in the adult industry if you attempt to write about subjects you have little to no interest in. Or worse still, subjects you don’t really understand. Web-users respond positively to the kind of content that demonstrates at least some level of knowledge of and interest in the subject in question. Attempting to ‘wing it’ with a subject that’s alien to you will only ever out you as a fraud.

Read adult guest posting guidelines carefully

Nothing irritates editors and publishers more than the submission of guest posts that clearly contravene their established posting guidelines. If it says 500 to 600 words, don’t bother submitting posts of 400 or 700 words. If high-quality imagery and/or author bios are required, make sure they’re sent. If certain subjects or terminology are disallowed, don’t think you’ll get away with them. Along with being rejected, you could also find yourself being blacklisted.

Offer something of value

Another core component of successful adult guest posting is the provision of something of value. The average web user is out to benefit nobody other than themselves. Precisely why tutorials, infographics, video clips, exclusive insights, and generally helpful content performs better than any other type of content. Rather than focusing on the informative, consider how the posts you submit could be made more helpful and practical for the reader.

Be persistent

Last but not least, it’s comparatively rare to achieve even a remotely consistent success rate, when it comes to adult guest posting. Realistically – and particularly in the early days – you can expect to receive significantly more rejections than confirmations of acceptance. Always remember that if one publisher isn’t won over by your work, there are thousands of other avenues to explore. Be as persistent and tenacious as necessary, doing whatever it takes to ensure that your best work doesn’t go to waste.

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Selecting the Best Adult SEO Keywords

Appropriate keywords and phrases form the basis of every successful SEO campaign. After all, SEO is built around the search terms entered by billions of web users worldwide on a daily basis. They ask Google and it responds. Those at the top of the rankings are earning the lion’s share of organic traffic.

But what about adult SEO keywords? We are talking about a somewhat ‘alternative’ niche that often falls outside the confines of the typical service. How can you be sure you select the very best adult keywords?

Adult SEO Keywords: A New Perspective

Google exists solely for the purpose of providing its customers with the best possible matches for their respective search queries. Whatever they hammer in, Google responds with whatever it believes is the ideal list of websites. The best of the best ranking right at the top.

Unfortunately, competition among adult websites and service providers is exponentially more ferocious than most business owners realise. In fact, pornography alone represents one of the most popular and lucrative of all online industries. From sex shops to escort services to cam girls and so on, there are literally millions of businesses worldwide. And they are competing for the same piece of the pie!

The question is – how can you ensure you claim your own slice successfully?

If you think you are going to succeed with the most obvious and competitive adult SEO keywords, you can forget about it. Obvious examples of search terms include things like ‘online sex shop’ or ‘sex toys online’ – both of which have millions of businesses worldwide fighting over them somewhat frantically.  Common and indeed valuable they may be, there is simply far too much competition to stand any real chance of capitalising on them.

As such, it’s a good idea to approach the selection of adult SEO keywords from a new perspective. Specifically, a perspective that focuses on the specifics with more long-tail search terms and phrases. They will thus be used to create specific pages on your website. Also, they will be the main focus of your adult link building strategy.

Tap Into the Adult Niche

These days, web users on the lookout for adult products and services, in general, don’t tend to be as vague as they used to be. Whereas in years gone by a web user may have simply carried out a search for ‘online porn’, they’re now far more likely to be incredibly specific with their requirements. A search term such as ‘college webcam porn’ or ‘mature lesbian amateur porn’ representing a more probable search term.

The same also goes for general products and services. For example, rather than simply searching for ‘sex toys online’, a web user may refine this to ‘cheap sex toys online in London’ or ‘best vibrators online free delivery’. This immediately provides infinite scope for experimentation with keywords and phrases.

In the case of an escort service, clients today are unlikely to bother searching for ‘Escorts online’ or ‘Online escort services’. Instead, they’ll be looking for specific service providers in very specific regions. ‘Best online escorts in London’ or ‘safe male escorts in Madrid’ would be used to narrow things down to more refined results.

All in all, the key to success when it comes to the appropriate selection of adult SEO keywords lies in tapping into a niche. Rather than casting your net too broadly and attempting to attract everyone in the world, focus instead on more specific audiences and do your best to attract them.

Create Compelling Adult Content

It is also worth thinking about the kinds of web searches millions carry out every day that may not have anything to do with products or services directly.  Examples of which include common search terms such as “How to reach orgasm faster” or ”How to make orgasms last longer” or “How can sex toys be used to prevent erectile dysfunction” and so on. Always remember that adult audiences are not only looking for products and services – they’re also out for advice and support.

If you can provide the advice and support they need through the compelling adult content of relevance and interest, you are golden. After all, the key to success in all aspects of online business is to establish the kind of all-around portal your target audience finds genuine value in.

Selecting the very best adult SEO keywords often means taking a step back from what you are currently doing. Ask yourself what you could be doing!  Particularly if your current approach doesn’t seem to be working.

Would you like to know more about Adult SEO? Check out our dedicated niche page. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!

Sex Shop SEO

Ever felt as if you’re fighting a losing battle with sex shop marketing?

If so, take comfort in the fact that you certainly aren’t the only one!

It’s no secret these days that SEO is a fundamental prerequisite for any business intent on succeeding. Regardless of whether you specialise in donuts or dildos, you still need to appear as prominently as possible in the SERP rankings. If not, you’ll be overtaken and outperformed by the competition.

The problem is that when it comes to sex shop digital marketing (broadly speaking), you also have to deal with the kinds of established advertising guidelines that can make it difficult to know where to start. Publishers are unlikely to blink at the thought of distributing adverts for Disney Movies – porn DVDs and the like being an entirely different matter altogether.

As such, you find yourself in a position where you know you need to get serious with SEO for your online sex shop but have no idea where to start. But while it’s true to say that sex shop SEO and marketing are at least slightly different to the ‘conventional’, this doesn’t mean that securing and maintaining a competitive edge needs to be difficult.

The Beauty of Modern SEO

SEO for sex shop

Search engines like Google exist for one reason and one reason alone – to direct web traffic in the way of the most appropriate sites and services. Right now, somewhere in the region of 95% of all web traffic is directed by the major search engines. Google alone handling around 90% of queries. And when adult audiences are on the lookout for sex shops and the like, they use Google like everyone else.

Tens of millions of them, every single day.

The way Google handles search queries today is more sophisticated and indeed liberal than it has ever been. If you search for teddy bears and candy bars, that’s exactly what you’ll find. If you search for cock rings or vibrators, that’s what you’ll be shown. Getting around traditional advertising conventions and regulations can be tricky – search engine optimisation is a different story entirely.

When you think about it, posting adult-focused ads, images, blog posts or anything of the sort strictly limits you to very specific platforms. In turn limiting exposure for your products, services and business in general. The difference with Adult SEO being that you technically don’t go chasing for leads. If you hit the nail on the head with the right search terms, all the leads in the world will flock your way.

Strategic Sex Shop SEO

Of course, grasping the importance and potential value of sex shop SEO is all well and good. But you also need to consider if and how you can gain a competitive edge over your rivals. After all, with millions of online sex shops competing for the same business, it’s inevitable that many will already be focusing heavily on doing SEO for their respective sex shop.

The solution…well, unfortunately, there’s no quick-fix, silver-bullet method for immediately ascending to the top of the rankings. Nevertheless, it goes without saying that the sooner you begin focusing on strategic SEO, the quicker you’ll begin seeing results.

Make no mistake about it – ranking prominently for the most obvious and competitive keywords is always difficult. By contrast, focus your efforts on more specific terms or queries and you stand a much better chance of gaining traction.

For example, you could focus on terms like “How to orgasm using a sex toy” or “How to choose the perfect vibrator”, in order to attract those looking for genuine advice and support. Far more effective and viable than focusing on broad terms like “Large vibrator” or “Online sex shop”. One of the biggest mistakes made by many business owners is that of simply casting their net too wide, rather than refining their approach to focus on more specific terms and phrases related to specific products (best sellers maybe?).

An All-Round Resource

If there was ever a secret to successful sex shop SEO, this would be it:

Focus on creating an all-round resource of value, rather than an online vending machine.

When you think about it, all the products you currently offer can probably be purchased elsewhere. They may even be available elsewhere at a lower price.  As such, what brings customers to your website and keeps them coming back for more is the value you offer that goes above and beyond the products themselves.

Blog posts, tutorials, industry news, guest posts, video clips, helpful articles and so on – all the kinds of things Google and Co. take into account when assigning SERP positions. If you simply do not have the time and/or inclination to handle all such responsibilities manually, consulting with the experts comes highly recommended.

What is the new U.S. SESTA/FOSTA Legislation?

SESTA/FOSTA is a significant bill passed in the United States in February of this year, and it threatens the very nature of what makes legitimate speech possible in online forums. The Stop Enabling Sex Traffickers Act/Fight Online Sex Traffickers Act has a name that sounds legit, but the underlying intent seeks to limit online forum speech.

How does FOSTA Legislation impact you?

SESTA/FOSTA Legislation intends to undo important protection of free speech, known as section 230, the Communications Decency Act, or CDA. With Section 230 disabled, authorities can hold online forums accountable for the actions of its users, even if the forum doesn’t have control over the content or actions of the users. As you might guess, no internet forum can fully detect if a small percentage of its patrons are using a site poorly for illegal sex trafficking. Sex forums and escort sites are designed to be used properly and legitimately, and they deserve to be safe havens for free speech.

The bill is fairly considered a grandstanding censorship bill by many free speech advocates because it seeks to limit language used for casual sex encounters across numerous internet forums, or any site where people meet one another for consensual sex. Craigslist and Reddit immediately began restricting free speech on their websites when the bill passed. Craigslist eliminated its wildly popular “Personals” section, and subreddits continue to disappear. More restrictions are certain to come as prison time and massive fines threaten those who do not comply with the new Trump-signed law.

Craiglist FOSTA Legislation Ban

Stigmatizing consensual sex hookups and making online forums responsible for the actions of a small percentage of bad users is a violation of the First Amendment freedom of speech. It will make it far more difficult to connect safely with potential partners, professional escorts, and legal sex workers. It threatens to drive human nature further into the dark instead of bringing light upon the embrace of natural behaviour.

Americans love sex, and only Nevada has been smart enough to make it possible for legal hookups to occur legitimately and safely. Americans spend countless dollars in Nevada because of this. SESTA/FOSTA Legislation forces another level of illegitimacy on legal sex. It drives open sexual discussions and experiences more underground and makes consensual sex more difficult and potentially dangerous. Democratic Senator Ron Wyden of Oregon said it best as one of the few representatives to vote against the poorly smashed together bill.

“The failure to understand the technological side effects of this bill – specifically that it will become harder to expose sex-traffickers, while hamstringing innovation – will be something that this congress will regret…. the bill passed today by the House will make it harder to catch bad actors and protect victims by driving this vile crime to shadowy corners of society that are harder for law enforcement to reach.

Good moderation and thoughtful oversight of forums allow for richer, safer communities to develop, and the bill is being opposed by a broad array of free speech advocates, including the Center for Democracy and Technology, the Electronic Frontier Foundation, the Freedom of the Press Foundation, and the Open Technology Institute. Katherine Maher, Executive Director of the Wikimedia Foundation succinctly summed up the impact of rolling back CDA 230 speech protections.

“The integrity of CDA 230 is crucial to preserving community-driven resources like Wikipedia. Wikipedia is a part of everyday life for hundreds of millions of people, answering questions from the meaningful to the mundane. It is written and maintained by hundreds of thousands of volunteer contributors who work together to create reliable, neutral information, all governed by community-created policies. Wikipedia’s success is possible in large part due to CDA 230. CDA 230 enables the Wikimedia Foundation to host this remarkable user-generated resource. The Wikipedia we know today would not exist without CDA 230.”

Critics all agree SESTA/FOSTA Legislation will do very little to stop sex trafficking, and may even worsen the current situation by driving speech into darker corners of the web instead of keeping users in the open, moderated light of popular forums. For more information, use the following links:

SESTA & FOSTA Legislation

Successful Adult Website SEO

For obvious reasons due to its nature, adult website SEO is considered a less-explored niche than conventional SEO. Despite the fact that adult industries are booming online like never before and represent a major portion of the global Internet traffic, only a few service providers specialize in doing adult website SEO. Unfortunately, given how the adult market accounts for the highest total volume of web searches in countless territories worldwide.

Why Adult Website SEO is Important

One of the biggest mistakes many adult business owners make is that of assuming they will succeed by going it alone. They view their niche as something of an ‘alternative’ or even ‘underground’ business area, mistakenly assuming they are destined for success. In doing so, they entirely overlook the extraordinary competition they face on a global basis.

From online sex shops to escort websites to pornography portals and so on, there are literally millions of websites competing for the exact same keywords and share of the market. Moreover, research has shown that the vast majority of adult-themed online traffic is directed by the major search engines.  All of which means that if you don’t appeal to the major search engines with strategic adult SEO, you can’t expect to attract a great deal of traffic.

Across mobile and desktop alike, search engines now direct around 95% of all web traffic worldwide.

Making SEO Work for your Adult Website

So it goes without saying that SEO of your adult site is important. But given both the competition you face and the unique challenges that accompany adult websites, how can you make SEO work for your website?

The short answer – with a great deal of commitment.

Adult Keyword Research

First and foremost, you need to establish exactly what it is you want to achieve.  Are you simply looking to sell more products? Are you out to increase the number of new subscribers you attract every month? Or perhaps simply boost brand recognition on a global basis? Only when you pinpoint your primary objectives can you begin using adult SEO to accomplish them.

After this, attention can be turned to the intensive research phase of the process. Targeting the best keywords and phrases for your niche is of the utmost importance, which doesn’t necessarily mean chasing the most obvious keywords. Particularly in an age where voice search is becoming more popular than ever before, long-tail search terms hold limitless potential. If you are unsure of how to go about the keyword research process, you’ll need to hire help accordingly.

Competitor Research

The key to successful adult website SEO lies in identifying your competitors’ weaknesses and capitalizing on them. An intensive analysis is required to pinpoint key insights and opportunities for you and your business to gain a competitive edge. Adult SEO – like all types of SEO – should never be approached blindly.  Rather than making things up as you go along, you need a structured and strategic roadmap to follow from start to finish.

Only then is it possible to move onto the more technical aspects of adult SEO – both on-site and off-site. If your existing SEO strategy is either weak or absent in its entirety, it may be necessary to restructure your website, inside and out. You’ll need plenty of high-quality content, a strong backlink strategy, the ability to deliver a flawless performance for every visitor and so on. You will also need to identify your unique selling points of value, which will form the basis of your promotional efforts from start to finish.

On-going, Ever-Evolving

Last up, if you intend to both secure and maintain a position of strength, you need to approach SEO as an on-going requirement. SEO never has been and never will be a one-off duty, which upon implementation can be left to its own devices. Quite the opposite – SEO is only successful when it becomes an integral part of your everyday business operations. In fact, once your adult website is correctly optimized for the relevant keywords in your niche, you will need to get onto link building. Adult link building for your website consists of creating monthly quality links from relevant and valuable websites related to your business pointing at your adult website. The backlinks creation for your website is a key component of your success and of any adult website SEO campaign and strategy.

Irrespective of the niche your website caters to, to underestimate the competition you face represents the biggest mistake you can make. Always remember that an investment in quality SEO represents a long-term investment in the stability and prosperity of your business. If you aren’t already up to speed with the more complex and intensive aspects of adult website SEO, professional consultancy comes highly recommended.

There’s limited room at the top – why give your competitors an easy ride? Don’t hesitate to get in touch letting us know your objectives and needs of your adult website SEO.

Adult Link Building: How Does It Work?

Promotion and marketing for businesses operating in the adult industry have always been uniquely complex. And so it remains today, both for online and offline, adult businesses alike. Reaching the widest possible target audience and gaining prominent exposure means investing in paid strategies such as advertising on adult ad-networks (Exoclick or JuicyAds for instance) or organic strategies as adult link building, just like any other business. But as this is an entirely unique industry, the approaches to adult link building need to be tailored accordingly.

The Value of Quality Adult Links

Flying in the face of countless doomsday projections, SEO has never been a more powerful or relevant marketing tool. In fact, as the world’s reliance on major search engines continues to grow, so too does the potential value of a strong SEO strategy and the top organic positions.

Link building (as a major ranking factor) in particular has proved to be one of the most consistently stable of all SEO tools and approaches over recent years. Nevertheless, it’s no longer possible to get away with links that are anything but outstanding. To attempt to get by with substandard links is to do your SEO strategy and promotional efforts, in general, more harm than good especially in the adult niche.

In the case of adult link building, this presents a variety of issues. Not only by way of earning backlinks in the first place, but also ensuring that every link brings your website nothing but a positive appeal in the eyes of the major search engines as well as quality referral traffic that will then convert.

A Three-Step Process

If looking to harness the power of backlinks for your adult website, there are three stages to the process that demand equal time and attention. As a relatively time-consuming and intensive process, it is typically advisable to call in the experts to handle things on your behalf.

In which case, you’ll be provided with a three-step service package that looks a little like this:

  1. Adult Site/Blog Research. Contrary to popular belief, the first thing you need to do is research and pinpoint exactly which websites you intend to appeal to. One of the biggest mistakes made by so many amateur adult SEOs is doing things in reverse. That being, to produce content off their own back and then attempt to market it to third parties. Source site research means looking into the quality, value and general popularity of the sites you intend to ask for help. If unsure how to go about the process, you’ll need to carry out additional research or hire help.
  2. Produce Quality Content. In most instances, backlinks are featured to referral traffic to a specific post or piece of content. The idea therefore being that you see what makes the source site and its audience tick, before producing outstanding quality content of superior value and relevance. The key to successful adult link building lying in producing work that the source site will want to link to (inbound marketing). You shouldn’t have to beg, borrow or buy credibility – you should instead focus on earning it.
  3. Pitch Your Ideas. The third and final step in the process is that of pitching your ideas and suggestions to the site in question. Once again, if your content and website as a whole really are as fantastic as they should be, there’s no reason why they should respond negatively. And even if they do, you should already have an extensive list of other sites to try, until something sticks.

Adult Link-Exchange

In some instances, it may be possible to reach out to other businesses within your niche to organise something of a link exchange (or triangular link exchange). As the name suggests, this basically involves positioning one of your links on their website, in return for the same on your website. Nevertheless, you still need to ensure that the site is credible enough to bring your SEO strategy value, otherwise, it isn’t worth bothering with.

Just one important note to finish with – purchasing links in large quantities with the intention to fool Google and co. is never a good idea. These are exactly the kinds of spam tactics the major search engines are designed to pick up on and you won’t get away with it in the long term as there is always a risk running this strategy.

Final Thought…

In the right hands, adult link building can be effective, efficient and potentially powerful in the extreme for the rankings and organic traffic of your adult website. Nevertheless, a haphazard approach is almost guaranteed to bring more problems than benefits.

If looking to tap into this timeless tool for Adult SEO strategy enhancement therefore, hiring help comes highly recommended.